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Demo 3 is an outdated version of SRB2, released on June 23rd, 2001. It introduced multiplayer gametypes, which at this time included Match, Race and Tag mode. A roster of five Match levels was introduced, of which one, Tag Valley Zone, was specifically devoted to Tag mode. At this time, Tag was extremely popular amongst netgamers, who had, in the past, only been able to play Match mode.

Demo 3 also included modifications to Techno Hill Zone Act 1. The slime was now damaging and the fan platforms in the factory part were replaced with the current pipe gimmick. Tails' walking animation had now been completed for all angles. A placeholder sprite for Knuckles' gliding ability was also added, though all other sprites for Knuckles still depicted either Sonic or Tails.

Aside from Sonic, Tails and Knuckles, three additional community-created characters were included in Demo 3, never to be included in SRB2 again afterwards – these were Chao, Cinossu, and Megaman:

  • Chao was a character made by Rlan in June 2001[1] that had no double-jump ability.
  • Cinossu was a Sonic recolor, made by Cinossu also in 2001[1], that had Sonic's thok.
  • Megaman was a character formerly available to download from[2], consisting of sprites ripped from Mega Man Soccer and Mega Man 7, that also had no double-jump ability but was able to shoot with the use of the Ring Throw button.

All three of these characters were also able to spindash (it was not yet possible to disable spindashing), and otherwise had identical gameplay to the main characters.


Single Player levels

Match stages

Note that the level names did not exist at the time, as Demo 3 did not yet have title cards for the multiplayer levels.


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