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This article compiles information given out by the developers of SRB2 about future releases after v2.2. SRB2 is developed without a fixed release date or deadline for the next version. New releases are made whenever a sufficient amount of content has been finished. Future development of SRB2 will focus mainly on completing the Single Player campaign and refining existing content, but new features may be developed alongside. Currently, the next major version after v2.2 is still in early stages, which means that there is very little content confirmed for the next version. Note that all information in this article may be subject to change before the next release.

Single Player campaign

SRB2's Single Player campaign is currently incomplete: The second and third act of Red Volcano Zone are missing. Furthermore, it is planned to add two more zones between Red Volcano Zone and Egg Rock Zone: Dark City Zone and Grand Eggship Zone. These levels will be added in future versions.

  • Deep Sea Zone: Act 2's release in v2.2 is a placeholder made of a mix of new sections and repurposed old sections, and is planned to be significantly revamped to be more cohesive.
  • Castle Eggman Zone: Act 2's release in v2.2 is incomplete and has several paths that do not yet exist yet, most notably the back right path from the courtyard, which is closed off. Several unused paths were removed in v2.2.1 to save space in the map, and it remains to be seen if those paths will be brought back in the future.
  • Red Volcano Zone: While a plan existed during the development of v2.0 to replace RVZ2 with a snow-themed act (a teaser of which was included in v2.0 as Blue Mountain Zone Act 2), this plan has since been scrapped. RVZ2 will be a regular lava-themed level like the first act.[1] It will feature hang gliders that the player can hang on to as a gimmick.
  • Dark City Zone: Dark City Zone is still in the planning stage because the completion of Red Volcano Zone has a higher priority.[2] Brak Eggman was originally intended as the boss to Dark City Zone, but it was moved to Egg Rock Zone in v2.0, originally as a placeholder for the final boss. The missiles shot by Brak Eggman in the v2.0 boss fight were intended to be used as standalone objects in the first two acts of Dark City Zone[3], but since the boss fight has since been revamped, this plan may no longer apply.[1] Currently, Brak Eggman is used as the game's final boss in Black Core Zone Act 3.
  • Grand Eggship Zone: Like Dark City Zone, making Grand Eggship Zone has a lower priority than completing Red Volcano Zone and it is still in the planning stages. It was originally named Doom Ship Zone, but the name was changed so that it does not share an abbreviation with Deep Sea Zone. As the name implies, it will take place on Eggman's spaceship.[2] A screenshot of a work-in-progress outdoor section from the zone was posted on the SRB2 Message Board, but has since been taken down by Nev3r.
  • Egg Rock Zone: A remake of this zone is planned for future releases.

Bonus levels

  • Challenge stages: SRB2 is planned to include a series of extremely difficult bonus levels called "challenge stages". Three of these, Haunted Heights Zone, Aerial Garden Zone and Azure Temple Zone, are already included in v2.2. Textures and a basic layout for another challenge stage called Sweet Tooth Zone were made during the development of v2.1, but it has not been completed yet.[4] The idea of including challenging extra levels originates from the original Sonic Robo Blast, where finishing the main campaign would unlock three "super levels" and finishing the last of these would unlock three further "hyper levels". Originally, it was planned to use the same format of three super levels and three hyper levels for SRB2 as well, but this plan has since been abandoned in favor of a variable number of "challenge stages".
  • Multiplayer Special Stages: The current multiplayer Special Stages, which are retextured versions of v2.0's Special Stages, are placeholders and will eventually be replaced by new Special Stages designed specifically for multiplayer.


  • Proper menus are planned to be in the next version, rather than just text that overlays the title screen. [NOTE: should a Discord screencap from devetopment be cited?]
  • Map names will no longer be restricted to the 'MAPXX' format, instead allowing for any string of text.
  • Emblems will receive a visual overhaul. They will rotate continuously and bob up and down, flapping their wings.
  • Blue spheres in old-style Special Stages will now attract to the player from a short distance.
  • Plans exist to add new weapon rings to Match and related gametypes, among them a second long-range weapon to act as a counter for the Rail Ring.[1] These weapon rings were first worked on during the development of v2.1[5], but progress on them was eventually halted as development shifted towards other areas of the game.
  • It is eventually planned to add a passive ability to the Whirlwind Shield, to match the other shields which have both an active and a passive ability.
  • The game's physics, especially involving air control, slopes, and acceleration, are planned to be significantly reworked, but nothing is set in stone yet.[6] The improved slope physics will possibly allow for loops.
  • Sonic's double jump ability, which has been the speed thok ever since SRB2 Christmas, is planned to be reworked or replaced.


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