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MAP13, Arid Canyon Zone Act 1, abbreviated as ACZ1, is the first act of Arid Canyon Zone, the fifth zone in Sonic Robo Blast 2 v2.1. It takes place in a mostly dried-out canyon, featuring rope pulleys that the player can hang on to, quicksand, slippery oil and falling rocks. The stage layout consists mostly of large and open outdoor rooms, which often feature several death pits, interspersed with underground caves. Tumbleweed and cacti are common scenery elements, and machinery can be found in some caves.

Three enemies are introduced in ACZ1: The Green Snapper is a turtle enemy with a ring of spikes around its side, harming players who spindash into it. The Bird Aircraft Strike Hazard is a vulture-like enemy that lines up vertically with the player and then dashes at them. The Minus tunnels underground until it reaches the player and then jumps out of the ground.


First section

You start off at the top of a cliff. Jump down in front of you and turn right at the pool of water. Hang on to the rope pulleys while avoiding the Minuses to get to the cave entrance. Here the path splits.


Proceed through the tunnel and jump over the pit. Now jump on the crates to reach the high ledge in front of you. From there, walk upstairs and make your way across the pit, avoiding the Vulture in front of you. Note that the brown platforms collapse when stood upon, so be careful. After that, cross the pit and head towards the rope pulleys, where the paths merge.


Jump across the platforms over the quicksand pit and make your way up until you come to a set of yellow diagonal springs. Jump on them to be thrown outside. Now cross the pools of slippery oil and continue towards the rope pulleys, where the paths merge.

Main section

Grab on to the lowest rope pulley and simply jump upwards to continue going upwards until reach the ledge in front of you. Now walk upstairs, jump across the spikes and activate the Star Post. After another set of spikes, you come to a collapsing platforms. Be careful to jump off before it hits the bottom. Here the path splits again.


To your left is a hole in the wall. Go through it and grab the Super Sneakers Monitor. Now be careful not to run directly into the following pit and ascend over the stairs. Take the yellow springs to reach a high ledge. Cross the pit with the two crumbling rocks and continue over the bridge that lies ahead. Continue until you reach the next tunnel. On the other side of it, jump on the narrow crumbling blocks and then descend into another cave. Take the rope pulleys to cross the pit. Walk past the fence and jump down to the bridge. From there, you can see a device that looks like a chair lift. Jump onto it to be taken across the pit. Make a U-turn to enter a cave below. Proceed until you come to a pit with three stalagmites. Below each stalagmite is a crumbling platform, allowing you to get on top of the stalagmite and finally reach the exit above. Then turn right, proceed through the cave and activate the Star Post.

You should see a large crack in the floor with oil surrounding it. Jump over it, but be careful not to lose control. Enter the cave in front of you. After a while, parts of the floor will rise up, either crushing you or leaving you in a maze. Escape through the small openings and take the red spring to be propelled out into the open. Here both paths merge.


Head into the tunnel in front of you and drop down into the valley below. Jump over the death pit and across the pool of water to take the red springs. Then you have to take a U-turn where you can collect a Super Sneakers Monitor. Continue forward, avoiding the oil and the spikes, but be careful not to fall of to your left. After a while, you'll reach a red spring going upward. From there, descend down the staircase and take the entrance to your left. Continue up the stairs until you come to a large pit with a bridge crossing overhead. Work your way up, avoiding the oil and the falling rocks and proceed across the bridge. Then take the yellow springs and grab on to the rope pulley to reach the other side.

Enter the cave, activating the Star Post along the way. Ignore the oil pit and head left instead. Keep running to avoid the crumbling ceiling to reach the other side of the cave. You should now come to a small valley with a fence blocking your path. On the other side, you should see a bustable wall. Spindash into it to enter a cave. Here, jump across the wooden beams to reach a high ledge the other side of the fence. Jump down to the left and run through the large cave. Here both paths merge.

Final room

Enter the cave to your right (or in front of you, depending on which path you took) and activate the Star Post. You should now see a very large death pit in front of you, with several rope pulleys standing in it and some platforms below. Grab on to the first one, and carefully make your way across the pit, timing your jumps very precisely. At the point where you have two options to continue, head right and into the cave. After a while, you come to a big platform leading into the mountain. Jump on it to exit the level.

Points of interest

Extra lives

  • At the beginning, jump to the platform on your left containing a row of rings. To your right you can see a tiny ledge high above the cave entrance. Jump onto it and from there, spindash-jump to the other side to get an extra life.
  • Take the forward path after the first Star Post and jump onto a rock to your left on the large rope pulley in the rockslide room.
  • When you take the left path, just after the speed shoes, jump down at the left edge of the following pit.
  • Before the rope pulley cave in the left path, jump off to your right. Between the springs is an extra life.
  • Get the Whirlwind Shield in the left path. Proceed until you cross a gap with rope pulleys. After that, turn to the left to see a hole in the fence. Jump through it and press spin to reach the ledge on your left. Double jump to the ledge in front of you and turn left to see a high ledge above the path you crossed before. Spindash and jump to it. Now just walk forward until you get to the extra life monitor.
  • At the same point, spindash and double jump to the ledge containing the rock spawner.
  • In the last area with rope pulleys, there is a section where you can either take a rope pulley forward or one that heads towards the cave to your right. Take the one that goes forward and continue until you reach a ledge with an extra life.
  • At the very ending, if you took the rope pulleys, there is a ledge to the left of the platform with the end sign that contains an extra life.


  • Located high above the entrance to the first cave, below the extra life, is an Elemental Shield.
  • If you take the right path at the beginning, you can see a big machine in the right corner of the cave. On top of it is a Force Shield. Fly past the red springs to access it.
  • In the same room, there is a small cave below the bridge containing an Armageddon Shield.
  • After you exit that cave, you can see a pit with falling rocks to your right. Climb up the highest rock to get a Whirlwind Shield.
  • In the first outside area on either path of the first path split, there is a very high ledge that divides the two paths (to your immediate right on the left path and to your immediate left on the right path). Fly or climb up there to get an Armageddon Shield.
  • Take the forward path after the first checkpoint and proceed until you get the speed shoes. In the middle of your path, there is an Attraction Shield.
  • At the same point, you can see a tall rock to your left. Fly or climb on top of it to find an Armageddon Shield.
  • At the beginning of the left path, after you take the red springs, there is a Whirlwind Shield Monitor in plain sight.
  • After the chair lift on the left path, before you enter the cave, there is an Attraction Shield.
  • After the stalagmite pit on the left path, turn to your left. There is a small notch in the floor, containing a Force Shield.
  • In the large open room after that, fly or climb on top of the big rock in the center for a Whirlwind Shield.
  • If you took the left path, when you get propelled out of the cave to where the paths merge, land on the high ledge for a Whirlwind Shield and two Super Ring Monitors.
  • In the final room with the pulleys, jump down to the brown rock pillar. Run forward just a bit. There is a ledge to the left containing a Elemental Shield.

Super Sneakers

  • On the left path at the beginning, after jumping up the crates, Super Sneakers monitor is to your left.
  • If you take the left path at the second split, a Super Sneakers monitor is in plain sight at the start of it.
  • If you take the forward path at the second split, a Super Sneakers monitor is in plain sight after taking the red springs in the first room.
  • In the area with the large fence on the forward path of the second path split, there is a cave to the left from the entrance. Jump to it from the entrance to get a Super Sneakers monitor.


  • After the big bridge on the left path, you come across several crumbling rocks. Instead of jumping on them, jump into the pit that is in front of you when you enter that room. Keep close to the wall to get to a narrow ledge containing an Invincibility Monitor and a red spring back up.
  • On the forward path, after the narrow path with oil and spikes, you take a red spring to proceed. Once you've let that spring take you up, look to your right to see a platform with an Invincibility Monitor.
  • In the final room with the pulleys, jump down on top of the brown rock pillar. Slightly to the left is a ledge partially tucked away behind a wall. Thok over to it and go inside the little cave, containing an invincibility monitor.

Hidden tunnel

At the beginning of the level, turn on noclip with the console and walk into the wall to your left. After a while, you should come to an unused part of the map. It features a road going into a tunnel with some missing textures.


  • Because of the complex layout of this stage, Tails has an extreme advantage here, despite his low speed. The paths overlap several times, allowing a player with flight ability to skip large parts of the stage. This is very useful just before the first Star Post. To the right is a fence with a hole, where Tails can fly through to skip a considerable part of the level. After that, he can fly to the left at the horizontally moving platform, and directly to the exit of the cave up to the left. Several critical obstacles such as rope pulleys can be simply flown over. Because of this, Tails is by far the most useful character for speedruns in this stage, being able to finish it in just above one minute.
  • As Sonic, it is recommended to bounce off a Green Snapper at the second path split to access the balcony-like ledge to the right of the room. Since this allows you to skip a substantial part of the Forward path, it is actually quicker in this case than the other path.

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