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MAP57, Black Hole Zone, is the secret eighth Special Stage in SRB2. It can be unlocked by getting an A rank in the other seven Special Stages. It is a NiGHTS level in which the player needs to collect 150 spheres and get to the goal in 210 seconds to get a wire-frame Chaos Emerald. Unlike the first seven Special Stages, this level is not themed after any existing Single Player zone.


Grade requirements

  • E – 70000 points
  • D – 75000 points
  • C – 80000 points
  • B – 85000 points
  • A – 90000 points
  • Rainbow A – 160000 points

Points of interest

NiGHTS power-ups

  • Just after the zig-zagging damaging path and before the large vertical crushers, paralooping the circle of rings and spheres reveals a Drill Refill power-up.
  • After the crushing blocks that damage on touch, paralooping the big circle of spheres just before the large roundabout reveals a Super Paraloop power-up.
  • At the exit to the large roundabout, paralooping the circle of rings and spheres reveals an Extra Time power-up.
  • Just after exiting the large roundabout, before going to the moving zig-zagging damaging path, go up instead of down to find a big circle of rings and spheres. Paralooping this circle reveals a Nightopian Helper power-up.

Technical data