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MAP56, Egg Satellite Zone, is the seventh Special Stage in SRB2. It is a NiGHTS level in which the player needs to collect 120 spheres and get to the goal in 150 seconds to get the Gray Chaos Emerald. It is themed after the current seventh zone (as of 2.1), Egg Rock Zone.


Grade requirements

  • E – 70000 points
  • D – 75000 points
  • C – 80000 points
  • B – 85000 points
  • A – 90000 points
  • Rainbow A – 160000 points

Points of interest

NiGHTS power-ups

  • At the starting room, paralooping the first big circle of rings and spheres reveals a Nightopian Helper power-up.
  • Paralooping the circle of hoops under a crusher just before the roundabout of red and yellow colored laser blocks reveals a Super Paraloop power-up.
  • In the path outside after being shrunk to a small size, after zig-zagging through lasers and dodging moving crushers, paralooping the big circle of rings and spheres following the crushers reveals an Extra Time power-up.

Technical data