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Thing types 1500–1503 are four different versions of the Trapgoyle, a variation of the gargoyle that periodically shoots rows of green flames. It is used in Azure Temple Zone. Like the gargoyle, the Trapgoyle is a pushable Thing that can be stood upon, pushed around and will crush players if it lands on top of them.

The four different versions of the Trapgoyle differ in how many flames they shoot, how often they shoot them, and which direction they shoot them in. The regular Trapgoyle, Thing type 1500, shoots a row of three green flames forward every 73 tics (slightly over two seconds). Thing type 1501, Trapgoyle (Up), shoots them diagonally upwards instead, and Thing type 1502, Trapgoyle (Down), shoots them diagonally downwards. Thing type 1503, Trapgoyle (Long), also shoots them forward, but shoots five flames every 143 tics (slightly over four seconds) instead. The flames are harmful to the player, but they do not cause fire damage. Therefore, they can also exist underwater and an Elemental Shield does not protect from them. The flames can also trigger ATZ Targets, causing them to light up for 45 tics (slightly over a second). Since the flames disappear on contact with any solid Object, each flame can only trigger one target at once – thus, one shot from a regular Trapgoyle can only trigger three targets at once, and a shot from the long version of the Trapgoyle can trigger five targets at one.

Thing type Shooting interval (tics) Flames per shot Shooting direction
1500 73 3 Forward
1501 73 3 Diagonally upward
1502 73 3 Diagonally downward
1503 143 5 Forward

Checking the Ambush flag makes the Trapgoyle non-pushable. Checking the Special flag makes it lighter, so the player can push it a bit more easily and Trapgoyles can bounce off each other and off walls. Checking both Special and Ambush makes the Trapgoyle drop straight down when falling, stopping it from sliding after landing on the floor.

If the Angle value of the Thing is 360 or higher, it also determines a starting delay for the Trapgoyle. This feature is useful for when certain Trapgoyles should fire at different times than others. For each multiple of 360 added to the Angle value, the Trapgoyle will start shooting flames an extra 7 tics later. Additionally, one extra tic is added to the delay time regardless of the specific Angle value. For example, a Trapgoyle with an Angle value of 360 will have a starting delay of 8 tics (1×7 + 1), and a Trapgoyle with an Angle value of 720 will have a starting delay of 15 tics (2×7 + 1).

Object/state data

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