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Welcome to my user Page

Status: Normal User

General Introduction

Hi, SRB2 players! I'm dails, pronounced Dêiaus, I am a level maker (because I don't know how to make character wads) and I want to share my SRB2 experiences with you! What about to start now?

How do I find SRB2

I found SRB2 when I was searching for sonic games at a game site. And I found a game named SRB2. So I decided download this game. Short story, isn't it? ;p

My Experiences

  • Fast-fly secret skill with tails?!

Yes! Just spin and, with the speed, fly! You will get lots of speed while flying!

  • Hide with Knux is good

When a level is outiside a castle, house or something, like Thunder Citadel Zone, You can climb the walls to hide!

  • Super Fast Speed! (SFS for short)

Works like Fast-fly with tails, but this time with sonic. Just spin, thok and spin again to get speed!

  • Knux Coolest Speed (KCS)

Go to the highest place of a level. Then, spin and climb!

Favorite Modifications/Levels for SRB2 1.094

  • Mystic Realm by Mystic
  • Acid Missile by FuriousFox
  • SRB2 Riders by Chaos Zero 64
  • Crawla Cape (SRB2 Riders) by Violo

Favorite Modifications/Levels for SRB2 2.0

  • Tortured Planet by Fawfulfan

My Projects

  • Dails House v2 - 100% (done, take a look here)
  • Elemental Fight - 100% (done, take a look here)
  • Void Race Zone for the SRB2Core project - 100% (done, download it here)
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