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Hi. I'm just an SRB2 fan like most people around here (you too, probably, if you're watching this). When I found out about SRB2, I went nuts. Nowadays, it's still an obviously great game, but I'm not that "wild" about it any more (personally, I prefer it that way; at least I'm not creating crappy recolors). Either way, I still turn to SRB2 once in a while to create a map or something. About playing netgames, I prefer not, because most players are from America, and seeing that I'm form Portugal... The lag would be awful.

My creations

  • Super Mario 64 map pack
    • Bob-omb Battlefield
    • Twhomp Fortress
    • Jolly Roger Bay
    • Cool, Cool Mountain (my personal fav)
    • Big Boo's Haunt
    • Status: Pretty much frozen
  • SRB2Heroes Mod
  • Sonic the Hedgehog Robo Blast 2
    • Green Flower Hills Zone Act 1 (May need a retouch)
    • GFHZ2 (~40%)
    • Status: This seems to be the one I'm more worried about... Still, I don't know if I'll ever get every level done for this mod.

In short, I made a couple of things, yet, don't expect me to finish (maybe aside from SRB2Heroes). Time is really short. I got to worry about school, personal life, and even when I make stuff for pleasure, SRB2 stuff is one of the least. I am making a Tool-Assisted Speedrun, a Visual Basic written game (for school, in Portuguese), videos, etc. Not to mention that when I turn the computer on, it doesn't mean that I want to create something. Sometimes, I just want to play a game/browse some web pages.