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A screenshot of TCZ

MAPR0, Techno Castle Zone was the 1st Race map made by Pyro the Magma Fox, and also the 1st map in general made by him. It was submitted at 15th March 2012 and has 1 vote with an average score of 3.00.

Background behind the level

The stage was originally intended to be a carbon copy of Super Mario Kart's Bowser's Castle 3, as version 1 of the level clearly shows, along with this part of the post for version 2 of the level: "NOTE: This stage was initially a remake of Super Mario Kart's Bowser's Castle 3, but has been modified."

A possible level pack?

In a netgame, a level pack was mentioned that was suspended for a long time, but this mention was 'accidental' after being asked about it. According to some rumors, TCZ is still being worked on for this level pack! The log's link is below:

/Pyro's Logs: A possible level pack?


The log mentions about Pyro 'giving up' on Techno Castle Zone Ages ago due to his lack of knowledge of level design at the time, though version 1 of the level was included in the mystery 'level pack' which has not been confirmed to actually get a release. More info can be found at the 'Mystery Level Pack' page, which will come soon.

This really new post says about the possible cancellation:

"I am sorry to break this to you... but the project MIGHT be canned... and that's the reason why kart pretty much STILL hasn't been released... It's why V3/Metal Courtyard never was released... I should have told ya before..."