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Welcome to my userpage! I'm Rapidgame7.
As of late, also known as ampersand or amperbee in some places.


Been around the SRB2 community since, I don't recall, 2015?
Started being more active around the era where Discord began to gain popularity and the Community Server was launched.
2.1's release, Game Maker bullshit and other factors kickstarted my will to learn Lua and subsequently other languages and understand what they have in common.

skils !

I'm proficient at Lua scripting, I'm able to read C, have a decent grasp at Angelscript and I'm trying to understand the agonizing mess that is SourcePawn and Sourcemod modding. Direct memory editing, brrrrrrrrrr.
I'm also trying to learn to draw, the which I have been unsuccessful for an extended amount of time. But I'll get there! You watch! I swear I'm going t


I'm currently taking a little vacation from editing stuff, but I thought I could give my userpage a lil retouch.


I've got a sandbox where I used to try out some HTML/CSS
An idea (deprecated as something like this was added in 2.2.5!)

Some snippets if you want to check them out


signature test --

06:13, 10 April 2017 (UTC)


btw just in case, all my mods are by default under the "license" of Don't Fucking Touch and only a select number of individuals are to modify these files in any shape or form, unless otherwise explicitly specified for each individual file.