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ToDoIcon.png To do
  1. Start providing links to Time Attack "videos"
  2. Give info on Leeon
  3. Add screenshots of Leeon gameplay
  4. Add screenshots of upcoming mod (CANNOT DO YET)
  5. Give links to "Srb2 Challenge.wad" (WIP)

HIYA! I'm SML879! (If you haven't already figured out, I say hiya instead of hi) I'm an old OLD fan of SRB2. I first found SRB2 just after 1.09.4 released, three years ago. Unfortunately, I've gotten banned from the forums a couple times, sometimes being kinda stupid to me, but heck, I don't care anymore. SRB2 is actually my second favorite free PC game, but I've been playing it more recently. ALOT more recently.

My Time Attack Records: