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Hello there! I'm Steel Titanium, One of the community members who's been around since 2010, have been regular since. I first started playing SRB2 in 2008, looking up 3D Sonic fan games on Google. Then I found I have been lurking the SRB2 Message Board since 2008, and then finally joined the forums in 2010, and joined the Wiki twice, 2011 under this account, and 2012 under my former account Steel the fox. Due to forgetting I made an account already. If you want to scream at me for any reason, do so in my talk page


Stuff I have done so far

  • Nightlight Ruins Zone – Map I made for the community level pack SUGOI which I eventually released as a standalone later on.
  • Mario Point System – The very first Lua script I created, this was really just so I could get the gist of things.
  • Chaotix HUD – A custom HUD I made using Lua, based off the Knuckles Chaotix style, with some twists.
  • Game Gear HUD – A custom HUD I made based off the GG/MS games. Chaotix HUD was used as a basis for the code, so it's really just a improved Chaotix HUD, code wise.
  • You Are The Skybox – Something I made just for fun, lets any player be the skybox.
  • Golden Monitors – My take of recreating the new golden monitors in 2.2 using Lua.
  • Helped develop 2.2. See User:Steel_Titanium/2.2_features/