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NOT to be confused with the SRB2 Eggman

My new look. I look cool, Don't I?
Status: User/Evil Dictator/Egghead

I am the grandson of the scientist Professor Gerald Robotnik, and cousin of Maria Robotnik. I am an evil genius whose goal is to take over the world and create my own nation, Eggmanland, ruled by the Eggman Empire. Originally i did this by imprisoning the animal populations inside robots to serve my every whim, but now I have a tendency to build the biggest, strongest weapon I can think of, and threaten nations with it. My plans have always failed however, due to that blasted Sonic the Hedgehog!

Gender: Male
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Game: Tetris Attack
Favorite Food: Hotdogs!
Favorite TV Show: Simpsons