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Discovering SRB2

Well, this is kinda awkward. I thought SRB2 was boring at first, it was a few years ago and I didn't know about the forums. It was in a Total Gamer magazine (now cancelled, being replaced with something called Nintendo Gamer?) CD with the 1.09.4 demo, not the alpha I believe. It took a while for me to finish the game, and I was glad I did. I tried to get the emeralds, but I wasn't getting anywhere, I thought taht there was only one emerald token in each non-boos level, so I was confused, only six emeralds. I then discovered the elusive second token in GFZ2. But still, no. I was really bad at the special stages. Then eventually, I decided to go onto the SRB2 Website to find some things I could do with it. I found some levels and two chracaters I was fond of , Shadow and Amy. Not long after, I discovered the forums, that's where it's all started.

My Fan Characters

A list of some fan characters I've made. Some are based on my life, while some I just made out of the blue

Main Characters

The main ones, I'm going to try and finish them before the minor characters.


My character was just my real name at first (you ain't getting anything from me) then I decided to make a Red vs. Blue movie thing that's on SRB2, I was making a character for the blue team who was purple. It took me a while until I thought of Violet, then Violo (Vie-oh-low) came into mind, yep, it was that easy. Then that character stuck with me, my favourite fan character. He was a hedgehog at first that lived in SA City, then I relised, everyone hates Sonic recolours, so I decided to change mine to an echidna, he then moved to Australia, became the guardian of the Sin Emeralds (know the seven sins, apparently there is the same number of sins as there are emeralds, wierd huh?) and got a story on how he joined Team Sonic and got his crush (Violo argues that it's slight, I disagree).

Okay, here's a picture without colour, it's just a sketch so don't be too hard. =D I'm going to have to post a link right now, the file is too big. Violo.

I'll post some information on him later, like his story, what his abilities are and his general information.


Taiku, Violo's friend. They dn't see each other much but they are willing to work together to defeat an enemy of theirs. He also comes from Australia and is a red fox, different from the fox Tails is, even though he's green. He controls PSI powers like Ness and Lucas. He is very experienced with his powers, if he doesn't know a move, he'll train hard day and night to learn it. He's also left-handed.


A character I made recently who's supposed to be a love interest for Violo. She's a cyan cat that looks similar to Blaze (I suck at making original characters), she usually wears a jacket, t-shirt and jeans. She's faster than Violo, nearly as fast as Sonic even. She cares for her friends, especially Violo. She's had a major crush on Violo ever since he moved in next to her. She denied it at first calling him "another guy" but eventually gave into her love once they had an exchange of their deepest secrets over a sunset. She is smart like Violo, just she hates peer pressure and teasing and avoids being too smart.

My Levels so far

Completed Levels

Crawla Cape

My first released level. As soon as I figure out how to post pictures I'll give you one, it's just a level for SRB2Riders and is a MK level. To go to it, follow the following link. (Lol, pun)

Work in progress levels

The SRB2 Zero Limit Mod

This is just a mod for SRB2 Riders that replaces the levels with remakes of Megalo Station, Botanical Kingdom and other SRZG levels with the music and some textures. This is called Zero Limit because of the gravity function in SRB2 which will only allow you to go upside down. Chaos Zero 64 (the creator of SRB2Riders) suggested of an exe which can do that gravity thing without going on walls. I think it's that you make the gravity parameter low while forcing you up slightly then you can make a thok and return the gravity back to normal. I dunno. The progress of this mod varies depending on how much free time I have on my hands. Right now, all i have is Megalo Station in progress, Megalo Sation and Botanical Kingdom music and no ripped textures. If you want to contribute, PM me on Wadbase or the MB or just put up a discussion page on this talk page.

How I play SRB2

My Techniques

These techniques may seem useless, but if done properly, they will greatly improve your chances of winning. With a bit of luck and good aiming.

Sonic Robo Blast 2 1.09.4

Thok-spin: This is a useful technique that I usually use in races and occansionally in matches. To do it, get some speed, jump in the air then before you hit the ground, about half-way down, do a thok then as soon as you land do a spin. You will spin at high speeds and it is very hard to lose momentum. You can also link these in case of multiple straights. I got this technique from the SMS mod's tutorial. If you want to use it, go ahead.

Run-spin: I use this technique usually when I'm versing darkness claw on his server. Usually, I'm the one running and usually in either Desolate Twilight or Thunder Citadel, areas with big open spaces. To do this, evade some rings a bit in match then while still going forward presx either left or right until you get into a 90 degree angle then keep holding it but press back. You should start running backwards without little slowing down. In big spaces with only one person giving chase, you can see where they're shooting, can jump over rings and sometimes thk towards them while jumping to catch them by surprise. That reminds me of another technique.

Thok-ring: While doing the Run-spin technique with the thok, as soon as you go near the opponent, face down slightly and shoot them. If your timing is excellent, you should hurt them and steal all of their rings and weapons.

SRB2 Riders 1.46.3

Catching Air: When jumping, you don't lose any air. So on any straight, you can not lose much air by just repatedly jumping. Don't do this when you don't have much speed or are turning a corner, you just slow down your time.

Jumping the springs: If you're using my above method and have enough air, you can actually jump over some springs to go over them faster but sacrifice air! I use this espeically in Night Chase where you can get to Level 3 very easilty and there's heaps of straights.