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This is a guide to the locations of all emerald tokens in SRB2 v1.09.4. There are 10 emerald tokens in total, which are hidden throughout the non-boss acts of each zone. If you collect a token and finish the level, you will be warped to a Special Stage where you can attempt to earn a Chaos Emerald.

Greenflower Zone Act 1

Token #1
After the first Star Post, as you come to the first lake, turn right before the bridge and look at the wall. The discolored part is breakable by a spindash, or by touching if you're Knuckles. Behind the wall is a corridor leading to the token.

Greenflower Zone Act 2

Token #1
At the opening leading to the large valley near the end, jump over the row of diagonal yellow springs and into the water below. Along the right outer wall of the room you should find an underwater entrance to a cave. Walk into the cave and jump up several ledges until you reach a yellow spring, which takes you above the water's surface to a platform containing the token.
Token #2
If you take the lower path at the end, you will come across a bridge leading over a pool of water. The token is in the water, to the left of the start of the bridge.

Techno Hill Zone Act 1

Token #1
This token is located in the large factory near the end of the stage. Climb on top of the pipe structure with the gas jets until you reach the highest one with the diagonal yellow spring. Instead of turning right to use it, jump down towards the thin vertical pipe in front of you. You will land on small piece of pipe containing the token.
Token #2
Take the underground tunnel path and follow it until you reach the factory room at the end. In the area with the fans, there is an alcove with a token at the top of the wall to the right. Use the fans in the slime below to float up to it.

Techno Hill Zone Act 2

Token #1
Take the lower path with the conveyor belts at the second path split. In the room after the crusher, look to the right while you're standing on the second conveyor belt to see a discolored section of the wall with two platforms below it. Jump to one of the platforms and through the wall, which is intangible, to reach an alcove with a token.
Token #2
At the very beginning of the stage, turn left towards the conveyor belt with the crusher and look for a slightly discolored tile in the floor next to the wall. This tile is intangible and hides a spring that will lead you into a hidden room. Turn left in this room to enter a conveyor belt. After following it for a bit, you will come across a room to your left that contains a Liquid Shield. Carry the Liquid Shield to the final room with the large slime pit. To the right of the entrance from the lower path, there is a large tube. Jump into the slime to find an entrance to the tube. A current with take you through the tube and into a hidden room containing a token.
If you don't want to use or can't access the Liquid Shield, you can also try to enter the tube without it. You will get hit by the slime at least three times before reaching the room with the token, so you will have to recollect some of your spilled rings after each hit. To make it a bit easier, you can collect another shield beforehand to protect your rings after the first hit.

Castle Eggman Zone Act 1

Token #1
At the beginning, take the bottom path. After exiting the cave, jump into the small pool on the right side. The token is in there.
Token #2
After exiting the tunnel that leads from the area with the button back into the room with the castle entrance, turn around. You will see the entrances to four tunnels. Enter the second tunnel from the left to find a token.

Castle Eggman Zone Act 2

Token #1
In the dungeon of the fourth opening, jump into the water and turn right. You should see an opening in the wall. Go through it and look for a token in the far right corner behind the fragments on the floor.

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