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MAP24, Egg Rock Zone Act 3, abbreviated as ERZ3, is the third act of Egg Rock Zone, the seventh zone in Sonic Robo Blast 2 v2.1. It features a race against Metal Sonic, followed by a boss fight against him.



You will start the level in a small room with Metal Sonic. Once he opens the door, quickly run through it into the hallway, and jump over the spikes. You will come to a room full of conveyor belts suspended over a death pit. Jump across the conveyors to reach a drop. After dropping down, you will come to a large hallway with two big sets of spikes. Jump over them and take a right turn to enter a large room with a conveyor belt in the floor. Follow the path, jumping over the spikes, taking the U-turn, and jumping over two more sets of spikes. Jump across the platform, avoiding the lasers, and take a left turn. In this room, there are some spikes in front of you blocking the path, and some platforms to you left. If you are far ahead of Metal Sonic, jump up the platforms over to the right side, and follow the hallway, avoiding the downward moving laser. If Metal Sonic is right behind you, however, wait for him to smash through the spikes, letting you through to the next room. In here, carefully jump through the twin lasers then take a left turn. Follow the conveyor belt, avoiding the several vertical moving lasers, and enter the next room, containing a gravity flip sector.

Use it, and keep following the path to reach a platforming section. Jump across the first four platforms, then flip gravity. Jump across the last five platforms, and jump into the opening to the right to flip gravity again. Follow the bridge with electric barriers, avoiding the ten sets of spikes to flip gravity yet again. Turn right, and thok through the long hallway to reach a zoom tube, where the race ends. To beat Metal Sonic, you have to get a time under 1:35. A countdown will start at the end, and if it expires before you reach the zoom tube, you will die. Enter the zoom tube, and it will drop you into an arena, where you will fight Metal Sonic.


The battle takes place in an arena enclosed by damaging electrical barriers. At first, Metal Sonic will hover around the arena. If you try jumping at him, he will try to dodge you, so thok at him instead or trap him in a corner. Right before touching him, he will spin out, moving to a different part of the arena. Jump on him while he's still spinning to damage him. After a certain amount of time, he will move to the top of the arena and gather energy orbs to shoot at you. He will randomly choose one of three types of orbs to shoot at player.

  • Row of small orbs: You can avoid them by jumping over them or running out of the way.
  • One large orb: To avoid it, run out of the way.
  • Three consecutive large orbs: To avoid them, run in circles around the arena until the attack finishes.

After performing the attack, Metal Sonic will return to hovering around the arena and can be hit again. After five hits, he will enter his pinch phase. In this phase, he will use his pinball attack: He will rise to the top of the arena, charge for a few seconds and then dash at you. When hitting a wall, he will rebound like a pinball, bouncing around the arena a few times before recharging and dashing at you again. After a few dashes, he will hover around the arena again. However, now you can only hit him once before he will perform his attack again. The dash will get faster after each subsequent hit.

The best way to dodge the pinball attack is to line up with Metal Sonic while he is charging, and move out of the way directly before he starts dashing. This way, he will move parallel to the arena boundaries and bounce back and forth in the same straight line. If he moves diagonally, his path becomes much harder to predict.

After three more hits, Metal Sonic will be defeated and an Egg Capsule will rise up from the ground. Step on the Egg Capsule to end the level.

Points of interest

  • After the drop near the beginning, you can fly or climb into the hole in the wall in front of you. A Super Sneakers Monitor is inside this pipe.
  • After the same drop, behind the first pillar next to the rightmost wall lies an Attraction Shield Monitor.
  • At the end of the same corridor, an extra life is located on the platform that holds the arrow, directly behind it.
  • In the room where the path is blocked by spikes, use the platforms attached to the wall to circumvent them. After reaching the other side of the room, look to your left to see two similar platforms attached to the wall, the higher of which contains an extra life.

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