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An example of a translucent wall with 50% opacity, created with linedef type 904.

Linedef types 900–908 are linedef specials that can be used to make translucent walls. Applying one of these linedef types to a linedef will make its middle textures translucent. The degree of translucency depends on the linedef type used. Nine different degrees of translucency are available, starting with 90% opacity (linedef type 900) and decreasing in steps of 10%, down to 10% opacity (linedef type 908).

The walls of FOFs can be made translucent as well. For this, special linedef types such as linedef type 102 are used. See Linedef types > Floor over floor for a complete list of FOF types.

The following is a list of all available translucent wall linedef types, with example WADs:

Linedef type Opacity Translucency Example WAD
900 90% 10% File:Ex ld900 translucentwall 90.wad
901 80% 20% File:Ex ld901 translucentwall 80.wad
902 70% 30% File:Ex ld902 translucentwall 70.wad
903 60% 40% File:Ex ld903 translucentwall 60.wad
904 50% 50% File:Ex ld904 translucentwall 50.wad
905 40% 60% File:Ex ld905 translucentwall 40.wad
906 30% 70% File:Ex ld906 translucentwall 30.wad
907 20% 80% File:Ex ld907 translucentwall 20.wad
908 10% 90% File:Ex ld908 translucentwall 10.wad
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