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This is a list of all miscellaneous graphics used in SRB2.

Title screen

Graphic name(s) Description
TTBANNER Title screen banner graphic
TTWING Title screen wing graphic
TTSONIC Title screen "SONIC" graphic
TTSWAVE1 and TTSWAVE2 Sonic waving hand animation
TTSWIP1 Sonic preparation graphic #3
TTSPREP1 and TTSPREP2 Sonic preparation graphics #1 and #2
TTSPOP1–TTSPOP7 Sonic appearing animation
TITLESKY Title screen sky background graphic

Menu graphics

Menu graphics starting with M_ loaded from WADs will not modify SRB2.

Graphic name(s) Description
Menu header text graphics
M_CDVOL "CD Volume" graphic (unused)
M_CONTRO "Setup Controls" graphic
M_DIGVOL "Digital Music Volume" graphic (unused)
M_LGTTL "Load Game" graphic
M_MIDVOL "MIDI Music Volume" graphic (unused)
M_MULTI "Multiplayer" graphic
M_NEWG "New Game" graphic (unused)
M_NGAME "New Game" graphic (unused)
M_OPTION "Options" graphic (unused)
M_OPTTTL "Options" graphic
M_PAUSE "Pause" graphic
M_PICKG "Select Game" graphic
M_PICKP "Choose Player" graphic
M_SFXVOL "SFX Volume" graphic (unused)
M_SGTTL "Save Game" graphic
M_SVOL "Sound Volume" graphic
M_VIDEO "Video Options" graphic
M_SECRET "Secrets" graphic
M_SPLAYR "Setup Player" graphic
M_SOUND "Sound Options" graphic
M_DATA "Data Options" graphic
M_GAME "Game Options" graphic
M_SERVER "Server Options" graphic
M_ATTACK "Record Attack" graphic
M_NIGHTS "NiGHTS Mode" graphic
M_STATS "Statistics" graphic
M_PANDRA "Pandora's Box" graphic
M_ADDONS "Add-on Options" graphic
M_SLIDEL Slider left end graphic
M_SLIDER Slider right end graphic
M_SLIDEM Slider middle graphic
M_SLIDEC Slider cursor graphic
M_THERML Big slider left end graphic (unused)
M_THERMR Big slider right end graphic (unused)
M_THERMM Big slider middle graphic (unused)
M_THERMO Big slider cursor graphic (unused)
Save slot menu
M_LSLEFT Save slot description box left end graphic
M_LSCNTR Save slot description box middle graphic
M_LSRGHT Save slot description box right end graphic
CONTINS Continues icon graphic
GFZROCK box (unused)
BRDR_B GFZROCK box bottom-middle border graphic
BRDR_BL GFZROCK box bottom-left corner border graphic
BRDR_BR GFZROCK box bottom-right corner border graphic
BRDR_L GFZROCK box left border graphic
BRDR_MM GFZROCK box middle graphic (unused)
BRDR_MT GFZROCK box top-middle graphic (unused)
BRDR_R GFZROCK box right border graphic
BRDR_B GFZROCK box top-middle border graphic
BRDR_BL GFZROCK box top-left corner border graphic
BRDR_BR GFZROCK box top-right corner border graphic
M_CURSOR Menu cursor graphic
BLANKLVL Level select placeholder graphic
EMBLICON Large emblem icon graphic
GOTITA–GOTITZ Emblem obtained icon graphics (Statistics menu)
NEEDIT Emblem not obtained icon graphic (Statistics menu)
Add-ons menu
M_FWAD WAD file icon graphic
M_FPK3 PK3 file icon graphic
M_FSOC SOC file icon graphic
M_FLUA Lua file icon graphic
M_FTXT Text file icon graphic
M_FCFG CFG file icon graphic
M_FFLDR Folder icon graphic
M_FBACK Up arrow graphic
M_FLOAD File loaded/Game was modified indicator graphic
M_FSRCH Search graphic
M_FNOPE "No Results" graphic
M_FSAVE "Can save" graphic
M_FSEL File selection graphic

STJR Eggman cutscene

Graphic name(s) Description
WAHH1–WAHH4 Eggman opening mouth
FEEDIN Eggman with mouth open (side view)
PUREFAT1 "PURE FAT" truck body
PUREFAT2 "PURE FAT" truck door
PUREFAT3 "PURE FAT" truck wheel cover
TYRE00–TYRE15 "PURE FAT" truck wheel animation

Intro cutscene

Graphic name(s) Description
INTRO1 "Two months had passed since..."
INTRO2 "As it was about to drain the rings"
INTRO3 "What Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles..."
INTRO4 "About once every year, a strange..."
INTRO5 "Greenflower City was gone..."
INTRO6 "It was only later that he had an idea..."
INTRO7 "I'm just finding what mission obje..."
DRAT "Curses! Eggman yelled. That ridiculous..."
SGRASS1 "Before beginning his scheme, Eggman decided to give Sonic..." (Bright background)
SGRASS2–SGRASS4 "Before beginning his scheme, Eggman decided to give Sonic..." (Sonic face animation)
SGRASS5 "Before beginning his scheme, Eggman decided to give Sonic..." (Dark background)
WATCHING "We're ready to fire in 15 seconds, the robot said..."
ZOOMING "Meanwhile, Sonic was tearing across the zones..."
REVENGE "You're not quite as dead as we thought, huh?..."
SONICDO1 "Easy! We go find Eggman and stop his..."
SONICDO2 "Tails, what *ARE* you doing?"
BRITEGG1 and DARKEGG1 Eggman flashing animation (Small)
BRITEGG2 and DARKEGG2 Eggman flashing animation (Medium)
BRITEGG3 and DARKEGG3 Eggman flashing animation (Large)
RUN1 and RUN2 Sonic running animation (Body)
PEELOUT1 and PEELOUT2 Sonic running animation (Legs)
TAILSSAD "Eggman took this as his cue and blasted off..."
ROID0000–ROID0034 Black Rock animation
RADAR "Just then his scanner blipped as the Black Rock..."
CONFRONT "We'll see... let's give you a quick warm up, Sonic!"


Graphic name(s) Description
CREDIT01 Tails pointing
CREDIT02 Sonic hanging
CREDIT03 Sonic giving thumbs up
CREDIT04 Sonic looking up
CREDIT05 Sonic getting ready to run left
CREDIT06 Sonic sleeping
CREDIT07 Knuckles standing
CREDIT08 Sonic leaning to right
CREDIT09 Black and white Sonic drawing
CREDIT10 Sonic pointing up
CREDIT11 Knuckles lying down
CREDIT12 Sonic running
CREDIT13 Tails flying

Ultimate mode credits (Unused)

These were formerly used in Version 2.0's alternative credits screen for completing the game in Ultimate mode.

Graphic name(s) Description
ACRED01 Drawing of Sonic running
ACRED02 Sonic jaw dropping
ACRED03 Drawing of Tails flying + looking right
ACRED04 Drawing of Tails flying + carrying Sonic
ACRED05 Drawing of Sonic, Tails + Eggman
ACRED06 Sonic walking
ACRED07 Sonic + Metal Sonic ("Metal Sonic is the EGGINATOR")
ACRED08 Eggman sitting on an ACME rocket
ACRED09 3D Sonic + Eggman
ACRED10 Sonic saying "Thbth bpthbpt! BEEP! BEEP!"
ACRED11 Drawing of Sonic by a river

Credits font

The game's credits font. Graphic names are of the format CRFNTxxx, where xxx is the character's ASCII code (in decimal).

Graphic name(s) Description
CRFNT046 .
CRFNT051 3
CRFNT065–CRFNT090 A–Z (Letters)

Level title font

The game's level title font. Graphic names, excluding act numbers, are of the format LTFNTxxx, where xxx is the character's ASCII code (in decimal). Loading these from WADs will not modify SRB2.

Graphic name(s) Description
LTFNT033 !
LTFNT039 '
LTFNT048–LTFNT057 0–9 (Numbers)
LTFNT065–LTFNT090 A–Z (Letters)
TTL01–TTL19 1–19 (Act number font)

Heads up font

The general font used throughout the game. Graphic names are of the format STCFNxxx, where xxx is the character's ASCII code (in decimal). Loading these from WADs will not modify SRB2.

Graphic name(s) Description
STCFN031 ú (for Credits name)
STCFN033 !
STCFN034 "
STCFN035 #
STCFN036 $
STCFN037 %
STCFN038 &
STCFN039 '
STCFN040 (
STCFN041 )
STCFN042 *
STCFN043 +
STCFN044 ,
STCFN045 -
STCFN046 .
STCFN047 /
STCFN048–STCFN057 0–9 (Numbers)
STCFN058 :
STCFN059 ;
STCFN060 <
STCFN061 =
STCFN062 >
STCFN063 ?
STCFN064 @
STCFN065–STCFN090 A–Z (Uppercase letters)
STCFN091 [
STCFN092 \
STCFN093 ]
STCFN094 ^
STCFN095 _
STCFN096 `
STCFN097–STCFN122 a–z (Lowercase letters)
STCFN123 {
STCFN124 |
STCFN125 }
STCFN126 ~

Tiny font

The game's tiny font. Graphic names are of the format TNYFNxxx, where xxx is the character's ASCII code (in decimal). Loading these from WADs will not modify SRB2.

Graphic name(s) Description
TNYFN046 .
TNYFN048–TNYFN057 0–9 (Numbers)
TNYFN058 :
TNYFN065–TNYFN090 A–Z (Letters)

Level complete screen

Level complete screen graphics starting with YB_ loaded from WADs will not modify SRB2.

Graphic name(s) Description
Single Player/Co-op
INTERSCR Background graphic (Optional)
INTERSCW Background graphic – wide (Optional)
YB_RING "Ring Bonus" graphic
YB_TIME "Time Bonus" graphic
YB_GUARD "Guard Bonus" graphic
YB_PERFE "Perfect Bonus" graphic
YB_TOTAL "Total" graphic
Special Stage
CEMERALD "Chaos Emeralds" (unused)
GOTEMALL "Got Them All!" graphic (unused)
NOWSUPER "Sonic can now be Super Sonic" graphic (unused)
SPECTILE Special Stage complete background graphic
YB_LINK "Link Bonus" graphic
YB_SCORE "Score" graphic
YB_CONTI "Continues" graphic
RESULT "Results" graphic

HUD graphics

HUD graphics starting with SBO or RRINGS loaded from WADs will not modify SRB2.

Graphic name(s) Description
SBORINGS "Rings" graphic
SBOSCORE "Score" graphic
STLIVEX Lives "x" graphic
STLIVEBK Life icon background graphic
RRINGS "Rings" graphic (Red)
SBOTIME "Time" graphic
SBOCOLON Colon graphic for time
SBOPERIO Period graphic for time (centiseconds)
STTMINUS Minus sign for Large numbers
STTNUM0–STTNUM9 0–9 (Large numbers)
TINYNUM0–TINYNUM9 0–9 (Small numbers)
GETALL "Get x Rings" graphic for Special Stages
TIMEUP "Time Up" graphic for Special Stages
HOMING1 Emerald Hunt radar graphic (Gray)
HOMING2 Emerald Hunt radar graphic (Blue)
HOMING3 Emerald Hunt radar graphic (Green)
HOMING4 Emerald Hunt radar graphic (Yellow)
HOMING5 Emerald Hunt radar graphic (Orange)
HOMING6 Emerald Hunt radar graphic (Red)
SUPERICO Default Super form life icon graphic ("S")
CROSHAI1–CROSHAI3 First person mode crosshair graphics
TOKNICON Special Stage token graphic
NGHTLINK "Link" graphic
NGTNUM0–NGTNUM9 0–9 (Numbers)
BLUESTAT Mid-screen Ideya Capture health bar piece (Blue – for depleted parts of Capsule's health)
BYELSTAT Mid-screen Ideya Capture health bar piece (Yellow – 1st quarter of full health)
YELSTAT Mid-screen Ideya Capture health bar piece (Light orange – 2nd quarter of full health)
ORNGSTAT Mid-screen Ideya Capture health bar piece (Dark orange – 3rd quarter of full health)
REDSTAT Mid-screen Ideya Capture health bar piece (Red – 4th quarter of full health)
NBRACKET Bracket graphic surrounding ring and Ideya Capture icons
NHUD1–NHUD12 Ring icon animation
NSSHUD Blue Sphere icon (for Special Stages)
MINICAPS Ideya Capture icon graphic
NARROW1–NARROW8 Arrow animation
NARROW9 Arrow (Non-animated version)
NREDAR1–NREDAR8 Arrow animation (Red)
DRILLBAR Drill bar graphic
DRILLFI1 Drill bar fill – normal (Green)
DRILLFI2 and DRILLFI3 Drill bar fill – flashing (Gray and Red)
CAPSBAR Ideya Capture health bar graphic
CAPSFILL Ideya Capture health bar fill (Blue)
MINUS5 "-5" graphic
GRADE0 "F" Grade graphic
GRADE1 "E" Grade graphic
GRADE2 "D" Grade graphic
GRADE3 "C" Grade graphic
GRADE4 "B" Grade graphic
GRADE5 "A" Grade graphic
GRADE6 Rainbow "A" Grade graphic
NGRTIMER Time icon (for NiGHTS Mode)
RACE1 "1" graphic for countdown
RACE2 "2" graphic for countdown
RACE3 "3" graphic for countdown
RACEGO "GO!" graphic for countdown
CURWEAP Weapon cursor graphic
RINGIND Red ring icon graphic
BNCEIND Bounce Ring icon graphic
AUTOIND Automatic Ring icon graphic
BOMBIND Explosion Ring icon graphic
SCATIND Scatter Ring icon graphic
GRENIND Grenade Ring icon graphic
RAILIND Rail Ring icon graphic
TAGICO "IT" graphic
RFLAGICO Red flag graphic
BFLAGICO Blue flag graphic
RMATCICO Red team icon graphic
BMATCICO Blue team icon graphic
GOTRFLAG Red flag obtained icon graphic
GOTBFLAG Blue flag obtained icon graphic
NONICON Flag taken graphic


Graphic name(s) Description
CHAOS1 Large Chaos Emerald 1 icon (Green)
CHAOS2 Large Chaos Emerald 2 icon (Purple)
CHAOS3 Large Chaos Emerald 3 icon (Blue)
CHAOS4 Large Chaos Emerald 4 icon (Light blue)
CHAOS5 Large Chaos Emerald 5 icon (Orange)
CHAOS6 Large Chaos Emerald 6 icon (Red)
CHAOS7 Large Chaos Emerald 7 icon (Gray)
TEMER1 Tiny Chaos Emerald 1 icon (Green)
TEMER2 Tiny Chaos Emerald 2 icon (Purple)
TEMER3 Tiny Chaos Emerald 3 icon (Blue)
TEMER4 Tiny Chaos Emerald 4 icon (Light blue)
TEMER5 Tiny Chaos Emerald 5 icon (Orange)
TEMER6 Tiny Chaos Emerald 6 icon (Red)
TEMER7 Tiny Chaos Emerald 7 icon (Gray)


Graphic name(s) Description
CONSBACK Console background (see con_backpic)/SRB2 start-up graphic ("Sonic Team Junior Presents", with a baby Sonic picture)
CONT1 and CONT2 Continue screen Sonic graphics
GAMEQUIT Exiting SRB2 screen
HELPM01 and HELPM02 "Multiplayer" help screens
HELPN01–HELPN03 "NiGHTS Mode" help screens
SRB2BACK Multiplayer results/Record Attack screen background
MISSING Used when a graphic is missing