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Sonic Robo Blast 2 has a variety of ports to different platforms, including Linux, Mac OS X, Dreamcast, and PSP, along with several other systems. These ports play identically to the Windows version of SRB2, with respect to each platform's limitations. The Dreamcast version, for example, has analog control turned on by default, and its performance is not as good as in the Windows version. Some platforms may even lack the functionality to support certain features, such as the axis point turning exhibited by the Egg Slimer.

However, ports also carry a special novelty of just playing SRB2 on a system different than a computer, especially on real game consoles. For this reason, they're popular among certain circles and some people continually improve on ports. The below is a list of SRB2 ports.

There is a topic on the SRB2 Message Board which contains binaries of SRB2 for different platforms, it can be found here. However, these are for SRB2 v2.0.6, an outdated version of SRB2.

Maintained ports

These are the ports that are currently maintained for SRB2. While official builds for these are not currently released on srb2.org as with the Windows version, SRB2's GitHub repo does automatic build jobs for these ports via Travis CI to test if they compile, and instructions for compiling the Linux version with Makefiles can be found here.


Community member Callum maintains Yum and APT repositories for SRB2 Linux i386, x86-64, PowerPC and ARM, as well as standalone packages. There is no real difference to the Windows builds. 64-bit support has been added since version 2.0.5.

Mac OS X

Development team member Alam maintains the official Mac OS X builds of SRB2, and they can be found here. There is no real difference to the Windows version of SRB2. They are Universal binaries so it works on both PowerPC and Intel Macs.

Unmaintained/abandoned ports

These are ports of SRB2 that were once made in the past, but are currently not maintained and have possibly been abandoned. Support for these ports exists in SRB2's source code; however, it is currently unknown whether some ports can be compiled or function properly even if they could be.


There is no functional Android port of SRB2 as of writing. Development team member orospakr was reportedly working on an Android version of SRB2. According to orospakr, the only thing working was video. There is no input or sound.


During the 1.08 era team members Alam and Logan created four different demos to show that SRB2 could be run on the Dreamcast. On the first demo you could only get as far as GFZ1 before the game crashed but by the fourth demo it was possible to finish the game up to THZ2 despite some really bad lag in larger areas. Sound effects worked but no music was able to be played. Two-player mode actually worked decently in some maps. Additional WAD files could be loaded with the console when a Dreamcast keyboard was used. It is unknown what state the Dreamcast port is currently in at this point.


A port of SRB2 v1.09.4 to the GP2X Wiz was released by Pickle on May 20th 2009[1], but with no music.


The ARM versions of the SRB2 Linux build should work with the Pandora out of the box, as it is a standard OMAP3 ARM-based Linux system with advanced graphics capabilities. The Pandora's base system software also uses Debian's DPKG package manager and supports repositories, which means the official SRB2.org repositories can also be used for extra convenience.

SRB2 v1.09.4a has been shown to work perfectly on the Pandora by Pickle, one of the Pandora developers.[1]

In June 2010, Pandora developer Pickle released the Pandora version of SRB2 (a port of SRB2 v2.0.6, the latest release at the time). It worked perfectly in terms of functionality, but as expected the performance was not the greatest, unless the Pandora's processor was overclocked or the resolution was lowered. A later beta using OpenGL ES was released by Pickle in September 2010, which was reported to be faster than the June 2010 version [2].

In May 2015, years later, a new but separate port of SRB2 to Pandora was released by ptitSeb: [3] This was most likely a port of v2.1.14, the most recent release of SRB2 at the time. Three versions were released, the latest of which was released in March 2016.

PlayStation Portable (PSP)

A port of SRB2 v2.0.6 for PSP is available in Alam's port topic on the message board[4]. When trying to load most levels, the game will crash and large areas will greatly impact framerate.

Pocket PC/Windows Mobile

The SRB2 source code contains an Embedded VC++ 4.0 project file as well as SDL libraries for the platform. However, these are broken. Theoretically, however, this could be fixed.


SRB2Wii was an unofficial port of SRB2 v2.0 to the Wii, mainly worked on by community member Callum. The main article for this port can found here: Callum's SRB2Wii userpage article on the WiiBrew wiki

There were two main distributions of SRB2Wii:

  • A Wii Linux-based distribution that runs the PowerPC Linux version of SRB2 (SRB2MB thread) - This features working controls and partial netgame support, but sometimes inadequate performance in CPU-intensive maps. The latest version of this distribution, v2.0.0 Release Candidate 4, was released in November 27th 2010, and is based on SRB2 v2.0.4.
  • A libogc-based distribution (SRB2MB thread) - This features working controls, and faster performance than the Wii Linux-based distribution. The latest version of this distribution was released in April 08, 2011, and is based on SRB2 v2.0.6.


Some support exists in SRB2's source code for compiling SRB2 under OpenXDK (an open source compiler for Xbox games) but is incomplete. Akirahedgehog was actively working with Alam to get this running, but it is unknown what state the port is currently in.

"Impossible" ports

Along with ports that genuinely exist, there are also hopes that SRB2 can be ported to other systems. However, even though some systems are popularly mentioned, the below can't handle SRB2 to a playable degree for various reasons.

  • Game Boy Advance—The resources SRB2 requires to run is far greater than that which the GBA can provide. Although contrary to popular belief there are enough buttons to at least play SRB2, even though you would not have enough buttons available to assign a button to every function.
  • Nintendo DS—The resources SRB2 requires to run is far greater than that which the DS can provide. The 3DS, however, might be able to run SRB2.


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