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All designs and content on the SRB2 Wiki is copyright 1998–2018 by Sonic Team Junior. All non-original material on this site is copyrighted by their respective owners, and no copyright infringement is intended. The owner of the SRB2 Wiki is only acting as an ISP, and is therefore not responsible for any content on this website under the 1998 DMCA. This site, its webmaster, and its staff make no profit whatsoever (in fact, we lose money). Sonic Team Junior assumes no responsibility for the content on any Sonic Team Junior fan sites. Sonic Team Junior is in no way affiliated with Sega or Sonic Team.

This copyright page serves as the "umbrella statement" for every element displayed on the SRB2 Wiki. Unless the element has its own copyright statement and/or usage terms, which will be displayed alongside said element, the element holds the messages displayed on this copyright page. This includes elements that don't come with a copyright statement.

Basic rules of thumb

  • Sonic Team Junior owns every original "sprite", "flat", and "texture" displayed on the SRB2 Wiki, and we're displaying them under their permission. Sprites are primarily displayed on Thing types pages, while flats and textures are primarily displayed on Flats and textures pages. Permission to use sprites, flats, or textures depends on Sonic Team Junior themselves. Don't use them without Sonic Team Junior's permission/approval. Historically, it's been frowned upon when such resources are used without their permission, and they have hunted down people before.
    • This is also why we don't offer downloads of music.
    • Please note that some graphics are actually used by Sonic Team Junior from other sources, not limited to Sega and their original Sonic the Hedgehog game series. In these cases, all rights are reserved to their appropriate parties. Neither Sonic Team Junior nor the SRB2 Wiki intend harmful copyright infringement.
  • All SRB2 screenshots on the SRB2 Wiki are deemed to be displayed under "fair use". Act accordingly, but respect that rule.
  • The SRB2 Wiki's text is released under the GNU Free Documentation License. We encourage sharing, but please act accordingly and to the clauses of said license.
  • Unless otherwise stated, all "example WADs" are free to use, modify, and distribute.
  • Note that while the SRB2 engine, Doom Legacy, is open source, the game itself isn't. SRB2 is indeed under copyright.
  • If you'd like to use something displayed on the SRB2 Wiki and the item hasn't been addressed above, explicitly stated, i.e., usage terms are accompanying the content, or you're not sure, please contact either an SRB2 Wiki editor, or a Sonic Team Junior member.