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Thing type 1713, Hoop (Customizable), is an alternative version of the hoop that can be customized to have a specific radius, which is determined by the Thing's flags:

Flags value Thing flags Radius (fracunits)
0 none 32
1 Extra 48
2 Flip 64
3 Extra, Flip 80
4 Special 96 (Radius of standard hoop)
5 Extra, Special 112
6 Flip, Special 128
7 Extra, Flip, Special 144
8 Ambush 160
9 Extra, Ambush 176
10 Flip, Ambush 192
11 Extra, Flip, Ambush 208
12 Special, Ambush 224
13 Extra, Special, Ambush 240
14 Flip, Special, Ambush 256
15 Extra, Flip, Special, Ambush 272

Unlike with a non-customizable hoop, the Z offset of a customizable Hoop determines the height of its center in fracunits from the floor – this value should be set to at least the hoop's own radius in fracunits to prevent the lower hoop segments from disappearing into the floor.

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