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Who am I? I am a hanyou (rough translation: half-demon) originating from Feudal Japan, who's stuck in the wrong era and is just passing the time.

... In all seriousness, however, I am a 20-year-old gamer/programmer/jack-of-all-trades who stumbled upon this community one day surprisingly recently.



Main article: XSRB2

XSRB2 is a work-in-progress mod for SRB2 that attempts to add new and refreshing original content while simultaneously improving the engine it's based on. Some of its features have since been included in SRB2 proper, such as the Recycler.


Main article: /Kikyo

Kikyo is an IRC bot on Espernet that performs various tasks including keeping channels free of spam, and -- previously -- playing various IRC games (such as Trivia and Mafia).


XRPG is a work in progress IRC RPG, designed to mimic traditional console RPGs as much as is possible on IRC. While previously this was going to be a separate IRC bot, much like Kikyo, things quickly spiraled into a point where the creation of a specialized IRCd was necessary.

Places I Lend Assistance

Sonic Robo Blast 2 Development

Main article: In Development

I am a programmer and partial level designer for Sonic Team Junior. On the level design front, I made Corrupt Shrine Zone (in fact, my initials are embossed about halfway through the map).


Main article: SRB2Fun

I am a channel operator for #srb2fun, due in no small part to the fact that I run Kikyo on the channel to keep out spam and similar things.

SRB2 Message Board

Main article: SRB2 Message Board

I am an administrator at the SRB2MB, mainly for technical reasons. I created the Tidal theme, and almost all of the backend behind the Master Server section is my own work, as well as some of the frontend -- though that was initially started by Cue.

I'm sort of infamous for being the only Administrator with a Unicode name, though this is because my preferred name was already taken by someone else years before I came around.

SRB2 Wiki

Main article: Main Page

I am a Bureaucrat for this very Wiki. Since Rob is rarely ever around anymore, I am usually the go-to guy if a final decision on something needs to be made. I'm also known for abusing my programming knowledge to create quick scripts to massively speed up or even allow the creation of numerous articles that might otherwise take a long while or otherwise be impossible to complete.

Other Random Tidbits

  • I have a well-known absurd liking for the letter X. Hence XSRB2, XRPG... also Xnuyasha, before I renamed myself to Inuyasha and changed the bot's name at Mystic's advice.
  • I'm also an Inuyasha nut, as you may have figured out by both my username and the absurd spiel at the very top of this page.
    • XSRB2 as of current has at least five or six different references to Inuyasha hidden both in the game and in the source code. Make of that what you will.
  • I have participated in exactly one OLDC: May/June 2009. I ended up placing fourth out of nine entries with Factory Farce Zone 1, with 7.64 points out of 10 -- normally a score good enough for a win, or at least second, however due to the other contestants' insane quality -- mostly because of this being the last 1.09.4 contest -- I was stuck behind three other entries that really deserved their spots.

External Links

My site. It's really just used for hosting space for random things and whatnot at the moment but hopefully the "site" part of it will become useful sometime in the near future...
My YouTube page. This gets updated a bit more often with random stuff.