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Inuyasha's sandbox, for random things needing testing.


Used mainly for cechoflags. Note that 2.1 cechoflags can accept hexadecimal numbers providing you prefix the input with "0x".

Decimal Hexadecimal Flag Name Description
255 0x000000FF V_PARAMMASK Used when drawing characters. Determines which character to draw. You can't set these bits with CEchoFlags.
768 0x00000300 V_SCALEPATCHMASK Determines how to scale the patch. Corresponds to bits 9 and 10.
256 0x00000100 V_NOSCALEPATCH Do not scale the text's size. This will cause it to be sized as if the resolution was the default of 320x200, while still retaining the text's starting position for the resolution currently being used, assuming V_NOSCALESTART is not being used. This causes the text to be smaller in higher resolutions. Generally not reccomended for use because it'll look different in different resolutions.
512 0x00000200 V_SMALLSCALEPATCH
768 0x00000300 V_MEDSCALEPATCH
3072 0x00000C00 V_SPACINGMASK Determines text spacing types. Corresponds to bits 11 and 12.
1024 0x00000400 V_6WIDTHSPACE Spaces are 6 pixels in width, all other characters have a width matching their real image width. Old 2.1 style spacing.
2048 0x00000800 V_OLDSPACING All characters are 8 pixels wide, and spaces are 4 pixels wide. This is the spacing previously used by all versions of SRB2 prior to 2.1, and some things (menu options, for one) still use it.
3072 0x00000C00 V_MONOSPACE All characters are 8 pixels wide, spaces included.
61440 0x0000F000 V_CHARCOLORMASK Determines the color of text. Corresponds to bits 13 through 16.
4096 0x00001000 V_PURPLEMAP Text is colored purple.
8192 0x00002000 V_YELLOWMAP Text is colored yellow.
12288 0x00003000 V_GREENMAP Text is colored green.
16384 0x00004000 V_BLUEMAP Text is colored blue.
20480 0x00005000 V_REDMAP Text is colored red.
24576 0x00006000 V_GRAYMAP Text is colored gray.
28672 0x00007000 V_ORANGEMAP Text is colored orange.
983040 0x000F0000 V_ALPHAMASK Determines the alpha transparency of text and patches. Corresponds to bits 17 through 20.
65536 0x00010000 V_10TRANS Text or patches are 10% translucent.
131072 0x00020000 V_20TRANS Text or patches are 20% translucent.
196608 0x00030000 V_30TRANS Text or patches are 30% translucent.
262144 0x00040000 V_40TRANS Text or patches are 40% translucent.
327680 0x00050000 V_TRANSLUCENT Text or patches are 50% translucent.
393216 0x00060000 V_60TRANS Text or patches are 60% translucent.
458752 0x00070000 V_70TRANS Text or patches are 70% translucent.
524288 0x00080000 V_80TRANS Text or patches are 80% translucent.
589824 0x00090000 V_90TRANS Text or patches are 90% translucent.
1048576 0x00100000 V_AUTOFADEOUT Makes CEcho text automatically fade out before disappearing.
2097152 0x00200000 V_RETURN8 Makes line breaks have no distance between them vertically.
4194304 0x00400000 V_OFFSET Account for the offsets in patches when drawing strings.
8388608 0x00800000 V_ALLOWLOWERCASE (Strings only) Allow lowercase letters.
8388608 0x00800000 V_FLIP (Patches only) Flips the patch across the X axis (horizontally).
16777216 0x01000000 V_SNAPTOTOP Text begins at the top of the screen.
33554432 0x02000000 V_SNAPTOBOTTOM Text ends at the bottom of the screen.
67108864 0x04000000 V_SNAPTOLEFT Each line of text starts at the left edge of the screen.
134217728 0x08000000 V_SNAPTORIGHT Each line of text ends at the right edge of the screen.
268435456 0x10000000 V_WRAPX Don't clamp texture horizontally (in OpenGL mode).
536870912 0x20000000 V_WRAPY Don't clamp texture vertically (in OpenGL mode).
1073741824 0x40000000 V_NOSCALESTART Do not scale the text's starting position, i.e., the top-left corner of the text. This will cause it to be placed as if the resolution was the default of 320x200, while still retaining text size for the resolution currently being used, assuming V_NOSCALEPATCH is not being used. This causes the text to be in the top-left in higher resolutions. Generally not recommended for use because it'll look different in different resolutions.
2147483648 0x80000000 V_SPLITSCREEN Internally used for moving patches in splitscreen mode.


There needs to be a good layout for this that doesn't take up one long line on the page...

Player Starts #
Player Start 1 1
Deathmatch Start 21
Enemies #
Blue Crawla 82
Red Crawla 42
Bosses #
Rings & Weapons #
Ring 279
Other Collectibles #
Item Boxes #
Super Ring 23
Armageddon Shield 2
Attraction Shield 1
Extra Life 6
Invincibility 2
Liquid Shield 1
Inferno Shield 1
Whirlwind Shield 1
Miscellaneous #
Star Post 3
End Level Sign 1
Hazards #
Pushables #
Springs and Fans #
Yellow Spring - Up 9
Red Spring - Up 5
Misc. Invisible #
Placement Patterns #
Scenery #
Orange Flower 129
Palm Tree 193
NiGHTS Items #
Mario Items #
SRB1 Remake Items #