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Hello there!

I am Superchris. I have been playing all versions from SRB2 Demo 1 to SRB2 2.0.

Since then, I'm still going to play SRB2 when I'm in college. SRB2 is one of the best games I have ever played! If you want to play SRB2, get it at [[1]]

I haven't been on the wiki since it was under construction.


"Two months had passed since Dr. Eggman tried to take over the world using his ring satellite. As it was about to drain rings away from the planet, Sonic burst into the sattelite and for thought he did last time, defeated Dr. Eggman. What Sonic, Tails and Knuckles had not anticipated was that Eggman would return, bringing an all new threat."

To be continued...

My favorite things about SRB2

My favorite things about SRB2 are:

Favorite Match stages:

  • Chaos Space - An old favorite level similar to Hydro Plant, but with a Special Stage theme.
  • Crystal Void - A Special Stage that was a match stage at first, but was seen again in SRB2 Halloween 2009.
  • Hydro Plant - A match stage that took place in a factory that was flooded. I'm telling you that flooded stages are NOT the best ones.
  • Desolate Twilight - A match stage that debuted in the OLDC with the name of Nocturnal Sahara.
  • Jade Valley - A park lined with beautiful flowers and lush waterfalls.
  • Sapphire Falls - A valley with a big waterfall.
  • Meadow Match - A match stage that takes place at a lovely meadow.
  • Noxious Factory - It's an abandoned factory with nothing but slime.

Favorite Race stages:

  • Race Alley - This frantic level was bound to keep me on the edge of my toes cause the level was a crazy thokfest.
  • Quicksand Ruins - A pretty easy level with a temple, it was remodeled into Burning Sands.
  • Sonic Circuit - I have nothing to say about this one except it was pretty darn easy and sutiable for beginners.
  • Corrupt Shrine - This abandoned temple had the water supply contaiminated and it was bound to have players keep alert.
  • Slumber Circuit - Try not to fall asleep while racing on this.
  • Tainted Gorge - Another basic circuit. All I had to do was avoid the pools.
  • Fertile Canyon - What's so fertile about this one? I run around and avoid falling in the mud.
  • Emerald Coast - Not like the one in SADX. This was a remodeled version of Fertile Canyon.
  • Toxic Citadel - A castle suited for medium players. Castles like this are not to be meddled with.
  • Frozen Night - This place will solidify you if you fall in the water. Those icy paths may catch you off-guard.
  • Metallic Hall - More techno madness with an electric floor and conveyor belts.
  • Generic Greens - A big grassland circuit that's contest only.

Favorite CTF stages:

  • Silver Cascade - I like this zone and the new music! I liked the form of it when it was presented in 1.09.4.
  • Lime Forest - Pretty basic for new players, but don't run straight from base to base because you are bound to get stung by a Rail Ring.
  • Nimbus Ruins - Sky high ruins, I like it!
  • Twisted Terminal - I do like space levels, but this stage kept turning my head everytime I switch gravity! I get dizzy playing this.

Favorite Tunes:

  • Greenflower 1
  • Greenflower 2
  • Deep Sea 2
  • Dark City
  • Egg Rock Zone 3
  • Jade Valley
  • Special Stage

What I know about SRB2

Sonic Robo Blast is the game that started it all! The only thing you guys can play as is Sonic and Knuckles.

Ever since SRB2 Demo 1, Sonic had the ability to multithok, Tails and Knuckles were introduced in Demo 4 and the player could change their skins while playing, but was removed in the current SRB2.

In SRB2 Demo 4, Knuckles had Tails' skin. But his gliding sprite changed to him. There's also a zone named Castle Eggman; you have to get all the emeralds if you want to go there. The game's IWAD could be modified until 1.08.

In v0.94, two new shields were introduced. Armageddon and Elemental Shields.

Since 1.08, Sonic's multithok has been removed. Castle Eggman was accessible at the time. Some Match stages were later revamped into new ones.

Since then, the Blue Shield was a regular shield. But in 1.09.4, the shield was later called the "Liquid Shield"

In 1.09.4, there were new revamped stages. Chaos Space had the layout changed into Hydro Plant. All outdated levels including Zero Ring were removed, some of them were newly changed.

In 2.0, Red Volcano was added to the campaign. RedXVI was a pope. Some circuit stages from 1.09.4 were revamped and remade. Some levels were from the OLDC were added to the circuit rotation, a contest level called Thunder Factory will be added to the rotation. A match stage by Mystic under the name of Frost Columns was added to the rotation. Some levels like Dark City and Doomship (Now renamed Grand Eggship) will be added to the Single Player campaign. Arid Canyon is not finished and in act 2, it is unknown that Eggman will place traps or ride his Acme rocket. (Looney Tunes reference) In the future version, Thunder Factory Zone by Blade will be added to the Circuit rotation, but it is unknown that it will replace a stage.