1.09.4:Zim's Base Zone

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MAP97: Zim's Base Zone



MAP97, Zim's Base Zone, is the eighth Match level in Sonic Robo Blast 2 v1.09.4, which is inspired by Nickelodeon's Invader Zim. It takes place in Zim's living room, with a TV, a couch, and shelving.


Weapon rings

There are 6 Rail Rings in this stage.

  • Inside the left window, by jumping off the television set.
  • On the ground to the right of the television.
  • Behind the couch.
  • On the circular table.
  • Next to the black open door.
  • To the left of the shelving, on the ground.

Random Monitor

The random monitor is on one of the pictures on the wall. You can reach this area as Sonic by hitting the springs on the couch, leading to the window, which has a spring that leads to the pictures.


Most of the technique related to this stage involves avoiding the Rail Ring fire of other players. Because of the fact that many parts of this stage are extremely flat and open, there are several specific things players can do to score without being scored against.

Ledge sniping

In many cases, the other players will be running around on the ground level. Players who are skilled in the use of Rail Rings can take advantage of this by sniping from certain locations.

  • On top of the picture depicting a monkey.
  • On the far window near the Rail Ring spawn.
  • On top of the "Squid!!!" picture.

These are just some of the more popular places from which to snipe. The way to make this work most effectively is to not stay in the same place for more than a few shots. Once the other players notice rail rings being fired down from one of these locations, it is likely that they will immediately focus their attention on the sniper, eliminating the advantage of surprise from striking from a distance.

Thus, in order for this technique to be effective, a sniper must change locations often to maintain the advantage of distance and the advantage of surprise.

Keep moving!

Whenever Rail Rings are used in full force, all players must not stop moving; for even in a game with a lot of lag, it is quite simple to rail a target that is sitting still.

Sonic players should be thokking constantly in order to avoid shots. Noting of course that players should thok in many different directions, as performing this ability in a straight line is about as effective as standing still.

Knuckles players should not climb any walls other than behind the television, couch, or the shelves, as these are the only places where they can do it without being sniped.

Tails players should avoid flying in the middle of the map at all costs. Due to Tails's slow speed, flying out in the middle of a wide open map filled with opponents with Rail Rings is often a death sentence.

Technical data