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Freeable animals in SRB2 are special types of Objects which will follow the player around after being freed through either destroying enemies, pressing the button on an Egg Capsule, or destroying an Ideya Capture in NiGHTS levels. They cannot be placed directly on a map by default, and all will eventually disappear in a number of seconds after appearing.

As of v2.1, there are six different animals that can be freed by enemies in SRB2:

Animal Object type Animal sprite Released by Description
Flies after the player when released.
Hops after the player when released.
Randomly zips around rather than chasing the player when released.
Does short hops as it follows the player around when released.
Simply follows the player by walking when released.
Red bird
(w/ bubble)
A variant of the normal freed bird, intended for use in underwater levels such as Azure Temple Zone.

1 The Thing type numbers of these enemies control which animal is released; if modified, the animals released from them will differ (see below).

2 Goombas are not intended for use outside of Mario mode levels; these are the animals that will be released by them if these enemies are used in non-Mario mode levels.

Releasing animals

For most enemies included in unmodified SRB2, there is a specific animal that they will always release. It is determined in the source code which enemy releases which animal. Therefore, new animals cannot be added directly via SOCs, although the existing animals can be modified into custom ones.

Enemies that are not hardcoded to release a specific animal, as well as all custom enemies, will release an animal based on their Thing type number:

Thing type numbers Mod 5 Animal released
5,10,15,20... 0 MT_BUNNY
1,6,11,16,21... 1 MT_BIRD
2,7,12,17,22... 2 MT_MOUSE
3,8,13,18,23... 3 MT_COW
4,9,14,19,24... 4 MT_CHICKEN

To determine which of the above animals will be released by an enemy, divide the enemy's Thing type number by 5 and get the remainder (or do Thing type number Mod 5 with a calculator). Compare the result with the "Mod 5" column above to determine which animal will be released. If the enemy does not have a Thing type number, it will release any one of the above five animals randomly instead.

Enemies will not free animals on death in Mario mode levels. Turning on soniccd will instead cause all enemies to free seeds that spawn flowers when they land on the ground as in Sonic CD.

Object/state data

  Object types [view]
General EnemyBossPushableSpringMonitorNiGHTS power-upProjectileAmbient sound effect
Special PlayerShieldsFreed animalsEmblemOverlay
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