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Linedef type 58, Continuous Two-Speed Ceiling Mover, is a type of linedef special which moves the ceiling of a sector or an FOF vertically back and forth between specified heights. It works like linedef type 56, except it only moves the ceiling, rather than both the floor and the ceiling. Unlike linedef type 55, this effect does not slow down when it reaches the end of its movement. Instead, it changes instantly from going in one direction to going in the other, and operates at two specified speeds: the speed of the upward movement, and the speed of the downward movement. It is designed for making more sophisticated crushers than the crusher type allows, i.e., crushers with varying rise/crush speeds, FOF crushers, crushers with different start points, and so on.


To use this effect, create two control sectors outside of your map, joined by a single linedef. The easiest way to do this is to create two small squares of equal size which share a linedef. The linedef which joins together the two control sectors should be set to have linedef type 58, and be tagged to the desired target sector(s) within the map or FOF control sector(s).

The target sector's/FOF's ceiling will first move to the ceiling height of the linedef's front control sector, then to the ceiling height of the linedef's back control sector, then to the front sector again, and so on. The speed of the movement is determined by the control linedef's X distance (the first movement, towards the front sector) and Y distance (the second movement, towards the back sector). One fracunit of distance equals 0.25 fracunits per tic.

It is possible to add a delay before the ceiling begins to move, by setting the time in tics in the control linedef's front texture Y offset. If you want the ceiling to delay every time before changing direction, you can do so by setting the time in tics in the control linedef's front texture X offset.


Example WAD: ex_ld058_continuoustwospeedceilingmover.wad
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