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The seven Chaos Emeralds allow a single player to activate their Super form. Chaos Emeralds spawn at random spots on the map, and stay there until someone collects them. When someone with an emerald gets hit with no shield, they drop all their emeralds along with their rings and weapons.

By collecting all seven emeralds, 50 rings, and double jumping without a shield, that player will go Super, increasing their max speed, jump height, damage players to the touch like Invincibility, can run on water, and have an extra ability. Super Sonic can float in midair by holding spin while jumping. Super Tails can fly indefinitely and do a huge double jump by pressing spin while jumping. Super Knuckles goes back into a spin after gliding, allowing for multiple glides in a single jump.

All Super forms lose one ring per second, and lose 10 rings when shot. Super forms have no temporary invincibility time, do not award points for being hit, and don't get knocked back when hit. Every 5 minutes a player manages to keep Super, the rings lost are doubled. When the Super player runs out of rings, they lose the emeralds and drop their Super form, and the emeralds start respawning on the stage like before.

Collecting emeralds

  • Search the entire stage for emeralds. Many of the spawn points are out in the open, but many of them are behind corners, scenery objects, or in small passages that aren't often used. The more of the stage used, the more likely emeralds are to be found.
  • Emeralds are lost when hit. Keeping a shield is essential to managing to collect all seven emeralds, because it's not reasonable to expect to pick them all back up when hit. Check all the random monitor locations often to keep a shield at all times.
  • High knockback weapons, such as Scatter, Explosion, and Rail, are great for stealing emeralds from other players. Knocking them far from their stuff makes grabbing the emerald in their pile of loot easier.
  • Remember that all of the emeralds are necessary to go Super, so by holding onto just one emerald, all the opponents are prevented from going Super. If a single opponent has 6 emeralds, hold onto that last emerald.

Using Super

  • Super is not invincible. Many beginning players assume they're practically invulnerable when Super, and lose it quickly. Use Super's speed effectively and don't stand still, just like normal.
  • Retreat and get more rings at 50 rings or less. A single well-aimed Scatter shot can deal 50 rings worth of damage. Any position on the map where there are a lot of Rings and Super Ring monitors are very helpful for this.
  • Grab the Attraction Shield if at all possible. This provides a massive amount of rings, which can make breaking Super form extremely difficult. Just remember that the first hit will remove the shield, so be extremely careful not to be hit with the shield.
  • Use weapons that don't drain rings significantly. Automatic is a very bad idea, while Rail, Scatter, and Explosion are generally good choices.
  • Ramming players is a very effective strategy, especially from behind. Any rings they had will be automatically added to the attacking player's ring total, a great boon when a ring is being lost every second.

Countering Super

  • Super loses 10 rings for every hit taken, regardless of weapon. Therefore, weapons that fire large amounts of shots, such as Automatic and Scatter are most effective against Super players. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Rail is pretty much useless. The fire trails left by the Elemental Shield are also very strong, as each section of fire will take away 10 rings. One well aimed fire trail can take out a Super form that has well over 100 rings.
  • Collect lots of rings. Especially any place where there are lots of rings around, collecting rings and ring monitors will make the Super player's job harder. This also helps with providing ammo to fuel the automatic ring.
  • The absolute best time to strike is when the Super player is coming directly towards the player firing. Unload automatic directly at the Super player for extremely high damage.
  • Be extremely careful not to touch the Super player. The melee hit is extremely painful, giving all the dropped items to the opponent.
  Match strategy guide [view]

Section 1: Controls and basicsSection 2: CharactersSection 3: WeaponsSection 4: MonitorsSection 5: Emeralds