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Monitors are spread throughout the stages, some respawning randomly. In most Match stages, there are 1–2 Strong Random Monitors (SRMs) and 2–4 Weak Random Monitors (WRMs). These provide the monitors other than plain ring boxes, as most of them are too strong to be simply placed directly onto the stage.

Super Ring

The Super Ring provides 10 rings.

  • These are the most common type of monitor, and are generally scattered throughout the map. Collecting these monitors is frequently the most efficient way to collect rings, so it's generally best to grab them whenever possible.


In Match and CTF modes, the Extra Life Monitor provides 100 rings.

  • After hitting a 1-Up, switch to Automatic to use the massive ring stock provided.
  • This monitor is very useful when Super, giving over a minute of time on the clock.


Shields are the second most common item in Match. Having a shield at all times is one of the best ways to play Match, as they are effective for allowing firing back after being hit, as well as protecting the player's supply of rings, emeralds, and weapons. If at all possible, hunt down a shield whenever it's lost.

Whirlwind Shield

The Whirlwind Shield gives the player the ability to perform a second jump in midair instead of using their normal ability.

  • The extra jump is extremely helpful as Sonic to reach platforms that are just out of reach, but be careful when using it as it isn't fast and makes Sonic vulnerable.
  • Because most people don't use the ability in combat much, it can occasionally throw off people's shots to use the double jump instead of the character's normal ability, adding a bit of unpredictability.
  • This is generally the weakest shield in Match. It's a good idea to replace it if possible, but it's definitely better than nothing.

Elemental Shield

The Elemental Shield protects the player from elemental damage and drowning, and causes the spin dash to leave a fire trail behind the player. Opponents who touch this trail will be hit as though shot by a ring and will rack up points for the possessing player.

  • While possessing this shield, spin in front of doorways and through choke points to lay down traps for opponents to step on. This ability is powerful in crowded netgames on smaller and more enclosed maps. This fire is very effective against Super players, as each individual flame counts as a separate hit.
  • Some maps, such as Tidal Palace Zone and Infernal Cavern Zone, have hazards that the Elemental Shield protects from. In both of these maps, this is often the best shield choice.

Force Shield

The Force Shield protects the player from two hits.

  • This shield is invaluable in Match, as the protection from multiple hits is substantial. There is nothing better for protecting emeralds, weapons, and rings.
  • Once the first hit is lost, feel free to upgrade to another shield, as it does not provide any ability.

Attraction Shield

The Attraction Shield will attract all nearby rings to the player. Shots by opponents will also be slightly attracted. Being submerged in water will cause the player to instantly lose the shield, and it provides no protection at all from slime.

  • This is arguably the most powerful shield in the game because of its ability to control nearly all rings on the map, causing opponents to struggle with each other for the few that remain. Make sure to run all over the map to collect as many rings as possible with it.
  • This also will attract rings dropped by other players, which can leave them very vulnerable to being killed by a second shot.
  • Use Automatic when possible with this shield. The vast ring supply generated is perfect for massive bursts of automatic fire. Don't be afraid to waste rings with this shield.
  • When Super, this is the shield to get, as the massive amount of rings this provides can be exceptionally valuable.
  • If you have this shield, however, enemy weapon rings will also be attracted to you, so be extra careful not to get hit.

Armageddon Shield

The Armageddon Shield explodes when the player activates it or is hit, causing every opponent in the player's vicinity to take damage.

  • For maximum point gain, run into the middle of intense fighting and detonate, damaging all players in the netgame and racking up anywhere between 100–350 points instantly. Be careful not to set off the bomb when multiple players have just gotten hit, as no points are gained from players that are temporarily invincible when the shield is triggered.
  • Note that even though being shot will still cause the same effect as manual detonation, the opponent who made the shot will score 50 points. There are times when just using Armageddon as an excessive shield can be useful, though, as it does still protect the user, at least.


Invincibility makes the player immune to all damage for approximately twenty seconds. Players that touch invincible players will take damage. Instant-kill hazards, such as crushers and pits, are not prevented.

  • Invincibility's stars are not obvious from a distance, making this a great surprise to pull on other players. Running straight into them for points is most effective when they don't know about the invincibility.
  • Be aggressive with invincibility. There's no danger, so run at full speed at the opponent and fire frequently.
  • Ironically, this power-up trumps even players who have gone Super. If you're fortunate enough to ambush a Super player while having invincibility, you can quickly weaken or defeat them before they realize you're immune to them. Super players should grab the Invincibility monitor on sight to keep it from the others.

Super Sneakers

Super Sneakers lets players run at much faster speeds than normal for about twenty seconds. This has a much more noticeable effect on Tails and Knuckles than it does on Sonic.

  • Sneakers are great for allowing slower characters to outrun faster ones, and sneak up behind other players.
  • When not jumping, running does not make any sound effects. It's often possible to run directly behind another player without them having any clue, and unload an unavoidable Scatter shot at point-blank range into their back.
  • This makes Tails's flight dramatically faster, which can allow for some impressive dodging in midair.


The Teleporter Monitor randomly scrambles the locations of all players in the netgame.

  • All players are stopped when they receive their new position. Firing at people in sight right after the teleport can be very effective if they haven't started moving yet.
  • Hitting a teleporter in a manner that will cause the player to be over a pit or other painful obstacle will cause an opponent to end up teleported over an unavoidable hazard. This is especially powerful when bottomless pits are involved.
  • With the Elemental Shield, spindash through the monitor. The opponent will be teleported directly onto the fire trail and will not be able to dodge, causing a hit unless they have the Elemental Shield as well. Weapon rings that linger, such as the Bounce Ring and Grenade Ring can be used to the same effect if timed correctly.
  • The Teleporter Monitor has no effect on a player who has gone Super.


The Recycler Monitor redistributes all the emeralds, weapons, and temporary powerups like Invincibility.

  • A generally good tactic when using this is to get rid of anything the opponent would find beneficial, such as a shield or weapon ammo to a powerful weapon. Note that rings aren't transferred, so don't overdo it.
  • As with the Teleporter Monitor, the Recycler Monitor has no effect on a player who has gone Super.
  Match strategy guide [view]

Section 1: Controls and basicsSection 2: CharactersSection 3: WeaponsSection 4: MonitorsSection 5: Emeralds