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There are three characters in SRB2: Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles. All three have their own strengths and weaknesses in Match.


Sonic is the fastest character, and the thok is quite powerful in Match. Select Sonic for a fast, frantic gameplay style.

  • The thok should be used often. It can completely change Sonic's momentum, allowing for unpredictable motion that makes him a hard target. It's extremely difficult to attack a thokking Sonic, especially from a distance.
  • Sonic is the fastest character, which allows him to be the best at catching people from behind. Note that thokking creates a sound effect, which will alert the opponent to his presence.
  • Sonic's speed makes him excellent for getting away from the opponent. Just turn and thok, running away as fast as possible. It's very hard to follow, even if the opponent is Sonic too.
  • Sonic can't go up cliff faces, so make sure to figure out the layout of the stage to take the long way as efficiently as possible.


Tails is slow and vulnerable in Match, but the ability to fly allows for easy access to some areas of the stage that Sonic would have trouble reaching, as well as the ability to strike from the air.

  • Be careful when flying. Tails's greatest strength is also his greatest weakness, exposing him to shots from the ground with reduced maneuverability. Be especially careful against Rail, as Tails is a sitting duck to someone with Rail and good aim.
  • Pressing spin while flying makes Tails descend quickly. This is insanely useful in Match, allowing him to quickly land on a platform to stop exposing himself to fire from below. This is also useful to make Tails fly in unpredictable directions to avoid being shot.
  • Spindash-flight is a great tactic to get around quickly as Tails. Spindash, release, and jump twice to fly at an extremely high speed in a single direction. Be aware that while this is fast, the direction is basically fixed, making Tails pretty vulnerable to a good shot.
  • Tails is excellent at sniping. Fly far away and fire away with Rail, but make sure to strafe a bit on the sniping platform, or the opponent will just rail back easily.


Knuckles has many movement disadvantages in Match, with a lower jump and the slow glide and climb abilities. To compensate, Knuckles can fire faster than both Sonic and Tails.

  • Climbing anywhere near another player is suicide. Not only is it slow, the view is directly at the wall, preventing Knuckles from being able to even seen his assailant, never mind fight back. Be extremely careful when climbing for this reason.
  • Knuckles has a high fire rate. Especially dramatic with Automatic, this makes his shots more frequent but also consumes more rings. Collecting rings is slightly more important as Knuckles as a result.
  • Spamming the fire button is more effective as Knuckles than other characters because of his increased fire rate. Just make sure not to overdo it and fire the last ring.
  • The glide is a nice way to change direction in midair, but do be aware that Knuckles's momentum is cut dramatically at the end of the glide.
  Match strategy guide [view]

Section 1: Controls and basicsSection 2: CharactersSection 3: WeaponsSection 4: MonitorsSection 5: Emeralds