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A Fair-Sized Biography

About Blue

As of March 20th, 2009, I'm a 17-year-old male that likes to surf the interwebs much; I've introduced myself to the web at about August '05. I'm pretty well-known (at least in other places) for my excellence in music composition and VG midi sequencing... mainly at VG Music. Otherwise, I'm known best at SRB2 for being a frequent online player, partaking at the forums often, the occasional fooling around with different kinds of wads, socs, and scripts, and also benefiting the wiki with useful information in a few various spots. If you want to know about my personality, well... do I have one? I'm easygoing, I guess. Persistent. Easily distracted. >_>


Eh, some of it varies from time to time. For the most part, though, I would say making music, playing SRB2 (shocker), editing SRB2, occasional rom hacking, forum-going, working on my website, playing games, food, and messing with IRC scripts. Yes, I'm a bit of a nerd, aren't I? :[

How'd I get here

Well, I could make a long story short and say that a guy asked me to make a soundtrack for his level pack for him, and I'd be done. But seeing I tend to be such a perfectionist for these sort of things, I'll just go in-depth.

Way back in 2003 or something, I downloaded a game called SRB2, and it was probably version 1.08 at the time I first picked it up. I thought it was a pretty good game, but I couldn't get past THZ2, and I, uh... got bored after a day or two. So, there isn't much history in that.

Then, far into 2004, I had this idea to make a humorous flash series, and thought pretty hard how exactly I was going to put it to work. My friend could turn any moment in a videogame into a series of hilarious events, so I got some ideas from him, and in July 2005, I decided to make my first complete flash episode (which lasted about three minutes or so) and submitted it into Newgrounds. The graphics sort of sucked... and so did my homemade music made from an electric piano... heck, the whole thing sort of sucked, be it three tons better than what most 13-year-olds could do; my entry was blammed, with some 13-year-olds loving it, and some other people not liking it, but feeling it had potential. I was bummed from having it sent into the depths of Flash Hell, but knew in the long run that as time and skill progressed, I could make a very successful flash series.

So I stuck around for a few more weeks and found out my music program could make midis! I learned on the Newgrounds forums that I could convert my midis into wavs by just using Sound Recorder, so I thought it would be a perfect shot at making better mp3s for my series. I took my first midis (recorded in an SB: Live synth, for those who want to get technical about it), converted them into wavs, then used my music software to make them into mp3s. I sent them to Newground's ever-growing music bank, and my feedback was that it was pretty cool for my first midis. Heck, one of them was never rated, then a few months later, someone felt it shouldn't be left at a 0 (default for no votes) and gave it a 5 for fair judgement.

And so I went to an old childhood favorite website of mine, VG Music. I thought to myself, "Y'know, I can make my own compositions out of midis, why not try my hand at a videogame piece?" So I submitted the first level of Dig Dug Arrangement and decided to register at the VG Music; probably the best decision I've ever made on the internet. I showed my compositions previously displayed on Newgrounds to the forum public - it gained more fame than I expected. Heck, one person went as far as to wondering out loud if I plagiarized them for my first midis. And so I made more and more midis as days passed, and soon it became my hobby over Macromedia Flash (and Newgrounds, for that matter). Shortly after followed the creation of my site: Sapphire Control Center.

A few months and thirty videogame sequences and originals later, I went back to another old favorite of mine, Acmlm's Board, and decided to compose a group hack. It had already been done, I was told, and no one has seen a playable demo from any yet... many people seemed eager to participate anyway (including ZTaimat, who did a pretty awesome overworld map for it), so I went along with the hack, keeping those words in mind. A month or two later, I showed a webpage and some screenshots of it, and mostly, people were just like, "Bleagh...". I was really brought down by this (especially when ZTaimat quit after seeing them), though I was still willing to go along and improve it. A short time after though, it just kinda... froze. Like, not canceled, but not in production.

So, yeah, after that, I just hung around Acmlm's Board, like I did with the VG Music forum. ZT asked later in about April '06 for me to compose "the biggest music request of [my] life" - a soundtrack for his level pack for SRB2, and I thought I'd try my hand at it. In the meanwhile, I thought I'd play SRB2 just to get the hand of what the music should sound like. In the features section I remembered that it had online multiplayer, and that I never checked that out before. And so I played... and played... and played.

Then I went to #srb2fun, just to see what it was like before going onto the forums. An hour or two later, someone slapped a guy with a trout (a common IRC script), and FF banned him, and then I couldn't resist and I slapped FF with a penguin ("Uh oh, he's screwed <_< "), then FF accidentally banned the next guy on the list instead of me, and I roffled, then he banned me for a couple hours. Good times.... I gotta make it a tradition to do that every year.

And so I registered on the forums, introduced myself, blah blah blah, heard there's a wiki, went to it, decided to help out, and now here I am. You can see me on a few forums, like the SRB2 forums, my forums, and the above mentioned VG Music forums; I'm also on netgames a lot (depending on whether my ports are forwarded right, I may be either hosting or joining them), and occasionally I'll hop onto IRC for some chat. As for the wiki... well, when I was originally writing this, I was just seeing what I could do. Then I became a sys-op (then "Maintainer" as the staff got reorganized) for a good portion of 2007. Unfortunately, due to a hiatus of mine, my privileges were dropped. At any rate, I'm busy finishing off everything I started, and you can check out what I'm doing below.


Project Completion
Mystic Realm Port Passed over to Glaber
Sonic 3 & Knuckles soundtrack 20%
Rocket Knight Adventures soundtrack 13%
Wall Jump Course ???


Sapphire Control Center - Webmaster
SRB2&K - Music Director (or something)
SRB2Wadbase - Administrator, #wadbase operator

Pikmin Returns - Administrator
SigSev Cafe - Webmaster, #sigsevcafe operator
SRB2Wiki - Maintainer

Warp Zone

Sapphire Control Center - My main webspace. No real web "page" to speak of, but you can find some of my music files on there, as well as miscellaneous uploads such as SRB2 stuff.
BlueW devArt - I'll post images and crap here occasionally.
CobaltBW Yootoobs - Where I may post videos sometimes; for the most part, this is just another music output.
BW Sandbox - Random 100% custom articles; mainly, they're rough drafts that I just put there for the public to see before completing and publishing them somewhere else. For all you know, the next sandbox article could be either a CTF guide or a comparison between Kirby's Adventure and K:NMID.
Wiki contributions to date - Self explanatory.