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A_Boss2PogoSFX is an action which was used as part of the Egg Slimer's thinker for 2.0 (now since replaced by A_Boss2PogoTarget for 2.1). The actor plays its ActiveSound and bounces towards the player. Speed is used for the horizontal speed. Var1 determines the Z-momentum the actor will pogo upwards at (measured in 1/65536 of a fracunit), and Var2 determines the horizontal speed multiple – when the target player is less than 256 fracunits away from from the actor, the actor will pogo forward at a speed of the value of Speed, otherwise it will bounce at a speed of Speed*(Var2/65536).

Due to the way Speed is multiplied by Var2, Var2 itself should also be a multiple of 65536 (the value of FRACUNIT) for it to increase the horizontal speed rather than decrease it. This also means non-whole numbers can be used for the intended Speed multiple, e.g. a Var2 of 32768 would multiply Speed by 0.5.

Object property Use
ActiveSound Bouncing sound
Speed Horizontal speed (Speed for when the player is less than 256 fracunits away, Speed*(Var2/65536) for when the player is further away)

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