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Thing type 402, Attraction Shield Monitor, is a monitor that gives the player the Attraction Shield upon its destruction. When a player has this shield, any rings near them are attracted to them. Weapon rings are also slightly attracted to the player. This effect takes place even if the player is invincible. Additionally, the shield protects the player from electrical damage. The Attraction Shield shorts out when the player is submerged in water, unless the player is invincible, or is Super. Because it shorts out before the player is hurt, they will lose their rings in damaging liquids even when carrying an Attraction Shield.

Checking the Ambush flag turns this monitor into a Weak Random Monitor. This is not recommended however, because WRMs do not spawn Attraction Shield Monitors. Checking the Special flag turns it into a Strong Random Monitor, out of which it may randomly respawn with a probability of 12.5%.

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