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The SRB2 Message Board, abbreviated as SRB2MB or simply MB, is the main point of communication for the SRB2 community. In this message board, users can discuss SRB2 topics, release custom modifications, or ask for help regarding the game. It also hosts an off-topic section for general discussion not related to SRB2.


These forums are for discussion related to the SRB2 homepage, such as news and announcements, and for other parts of that are not directly part of the message board.

  • News – This forum is for discussion of news posted on the homepage.
  • SRB2 Wiki – A link to the SRB2 Wiki.
  • SRB2 Master Server – The official Master Server for SRB2 is located here.

Sonic Robo Blast 2

These forums are for any discussion related to SRB2.

  • SRB2 Discussion – This forum is devoted to general discussion of SRB2.
    • Bug Reports – This forum is for reporting bugs in the current version of SRB2.
  • Help – This forum is for asking for help about playing SRB2. Questions about editing SRB2 should be asked in the Editing Help forum.
  • Editing – This forum is for discussion of unfinished modifications for SRB2. Users may post their unfinished works here to receive criticism and suggestions.
    • Editing Help – This forum is for asking questions about editing SRB2.
  • Submissions – In this forum, users can submit their works to the Releases section. The submissions will be reviewed by judges and moved to the Releases section if they have any redeeming value. If not, they are trashed.
    • Rejected Submissions – Rejected submissions are moved here, along with a notification as to why the submission was trashed. The topics can be only be seen by judges and the users that created them.
  • Releases – In this forum, finished modifications for SRB2 are released.
    • Mods – This forum contains mods, including source code modifications and addons that change large parts of the game.
    • Levels – This forum contains custom levels and level packs.
    • Characters – This forum contains custom characters.
    • Lua – This forum contains custom Lua scripts.
    • Miscellaneous – This forum contains miscellaneous modifications that do not fit into any of the above categories. Examples of these are SOCs and MD2 models.
    • Software – This forum contains additional software for editing or supplementing SRB2. Examples include WAD editors and launchers.
  • Kart Releases & Mods – This forum contains official SRB2Kart releases and mods for SRB2Kart.
    • Official Kart Releases – This forum is for official releases of SRB2Kart.
    • Characters – This forum is for releases of characters exclusive to SRB2Kart.
    • Levels – This forum is for releases of levels exclusive to SRB2Kart.
    • Miscellaneous – This forum is for releases of miscellaneous modifications for SRB2Kart that do not fit into any of the above categories, such as graphics or scripts.


These forums are for discussion not related to SRB2.

  • General Discussion – This forum is for discussion of whatever else does not fit in with the rest of the forums. Spam is prohibited.
  • Video Games – This forum is for discussion of video games and consoles, including the Sonic franchise.


In these forums, old but important topics are archived. They are locked for new posts.

  • Outdated Releases (2.0.X) – This forum archives releases made for Version 2.0. They are not compatible with the current version of SRB2.
    • Outdated Official Level Design Contest (2.0.X) – This forum contains OLDC topics for Version 2.0.
    • Mods (2.0.X) – This forum contains source code modifications for Version 2.0.
    • Levels (2.0.X) – This forum contains custom levels and level packs for Version 2.0.
    • Characters (2.0.X) – This forum contains custom characters for Version 2.0.
    • Miscellaneous (2.0.X) – This forum contains miscellaneous modifications for Version 2.0.
  • Outdated Releases (0.X & 1.X) – This forum archives releases made for versions of SRB2 that precede 2.0. They are not compatible with the current version.
    • Outdated Official Level Design Contest (0.X & 1.X) – This forum contains OLDC topics for versions of SRB2 that precede 2.0.
  • SRB2 Forum Archives – This forum is for important or otherwise notable old topics relating to SRB2.
    • Archived Announcements – This forum is where old announcements are kept that were posted in the now-obsolete Announcements forum.
    • Bug Reports (2.1.X) – This forum archives bug reports for Version 2.1 that are fixed in the current patch.
    • Bug Reports (2.0.X) – This forum archives old bug reports for Version 2.0.
  • Official Level Design Contest – This forum is where the Official Level Design Contest was held and discussed.
    • Contest Submissions – In this forum, users submitted their OLDC entries.


  1. Immaturity will not be tolerated. Think before you post and use some common sense.
  2. Politics, religion, social issues, obtaining pirated material, and explicit sexual or violent content are not to be discussed here. This is a community for discussing a fan game, not for flame wars.
  3. Use proper English. Spell properly, use correct punctuation and capital letters as required, do not use chat speak or text messaging shorthand, and break your paragraphs appropriately.
  4. No spam. Do not make pointless topics, one-liners, polls, or forum games.
  5. No advertising outside of signatures.
  6. No flaming or trolling. Keep personal arguments off of the SRB2MB.
  7. Do not ask for netgames in the forum. Use the chat room or the master server instead.
  8. Do not backseat moderate. It is our job to lock topics, ban users and be grammar Nazis, not yours.
  9. Do not bump topics pointlessly. If you are bumping a topic three weeks old or more, make sure your post adds something to the discussion.
  10. Read the FAQ and Wiki before asking simple questions. They are probably already answered there.
  11. No posting about project plans without proof that you have started. Likewise, do not ask people to make things for you.
  12. Do not post recolors, sprite rips, music replacements, or timer SOCs. These submissions will be rejected, and repeated submission will result in bans.
  13. Only give constructive criticism. If you are sharing your opinion on something, give reasoning as to why.
  14. No plagiarism. Get permission from the original author before modifying their work, and give credit.
  15. Do not ask where to find files. Try searching the forums or Google. If a link is broken, do not ask for it to be fixed.
  16. Some forums contain subforums that may have additional rules beyond what is listed here. Before posting in subforums, check the main forum that the subforum is in for any rules that may apply there.

Enforcement of the rules

The rule enforcement system consists of warnings, infractions and bans. Infractions are issued by the moderators and administrators for rule-offending behavior. Each infraction adds one point to the user's infraction count. The point will expire after three months. Warnings are issued for lesser offenses and do not add a point. Warnings and infractions issued for specific posts are publicly displayed below that post with a reason for issuing it.

Bans are issued automatically once a user has received a certain number of points. A week-long ban is issued for three points, a two-week-long ban for four points, a year-long ban for five points and a permanent ban for six points.


The message board has four types of staff that perform various tasks. Administrators (or admins) have control over the entire board and can change the way it is set up. Moderators enforce the rules. They can lock, move, edit, and split topics and posts. They can also view the IP of users and issue infractions to those who violate the rules. Judges are users that moderate the Submissions forum together with certain administrators and moderators. Developers have moderation powers in the Bug Reports forum and access to a private developer forum.


All the above users are also developers, and all except AlamGBC and LoganA are also judges.


All the above users are also judges, while MascaraSnake and MonsterIestyn are also developers.


  • Charybdizs
  • HellHawkX
  • Inazuma
  • SonicX8000
  • Sryder13
  • Whackjood
  • Zipper


The following users are also judges: Boinciel, FuriousFox, SeventhSentinel and Wolfy.

April Fools' Day

The SRB2 Message Board briefly risks out-of-the-ordinary changes to celebrate April Fools' Day. During this event, the message board sometimes features a different background and logo along with modified user titles to fit a certain theme.

Nazi Allied Blitzkrieg 2

The first April Fools' Day theme took place in 2007 in which the message board appeared with a red skin, and was renamed "Nazi Allied Blitzkrieg 2," which is a reference to calling admins "Nazis" because of harsh rules, or extreme measures taken to maintain such rules. They also created new rules, which were simply not to "piss [the admins] off," and that breaking one rule would lead to a permanent ban. Many users changed their avatars in the spirit of the holiday, but some viewed the nature of the joke as tasteless and offensive.

Rainbow Unicorn Blast 2

Taking place in 2008 and in direct contrast to the previous prank, "Rainbow Unicorn Blast 2" had very little rule enforcement and was focused as if towards 12-year-old girls. The boards were changed to a blinding pink, and a MIDI of the Barbie Girl theme song (which was later turned into a "Rick Roll") played in the background of the forum. Administrators were dubbed "Faerie Queens" and Moderators were dubbed "Faeries". As with the previous April Fools' Day theme, many users were displeased by the event, though most of the issues were not against the theme itself but rather against the excessive spam and relatively obscene material that were posted during the time.

This event was also accompanied by a slopes update starting the SRB2 10th Anniversary Blog. While the update was indeed fake, the blog was not and was updated with a genuine blog post a few days later.

srb2 bulletin board

This took place in 2009, and was focused as if to a completely "noobish" community. It had a white background with a picture of Sonic tiled on it, larger post text, animated sprites of six Sonic characters trailing the mouse pointer, and "Open Your Heart" playing in the background. The only forum available was one called "srb2 bulletin board", with every other forum hidden for the day. This theme had generally decent reception, but there were a few users who were displeased with the large amounts of spam that this April Fools' Day joke encouraged. The event was also criticized for not allowing members to post in the regular forums.

A few days earlier, a preview video of Arid Canyon Zone in Version 2.0 had been posted on YouTube. The fact that it was April Fools' Day led many to believe that the video was a joke.

April Fools' Day 2010

This was the first April Fools' Day not to have a specific theme. Rather, several separate events and jokes were prepared by the staff. The most prominent was a staged argument between the developers that involved making Sonic's eyes green in SRB2. Additionally, Match Test Zone, which – as the name suggests – is a level used by the developers for testing the Match system, was released on the main page of, advertised as the most substantial SRB2 release yet. As a third event, a deliberately crashing version of XSRB2 was released into the then-empty Hall of Fame section of the Releases forum, but was replaced the next day by a genuine release. This April Fools' Day had generally positive reception, though some users criticized the lack of a theme.

April Fools' Day 2012

After no April Fools' joke had been prepared in 2011, 2012 saw an update on that showcased four new features in the upcoming v2.1 release. All of these were genuine, but because it was April Fools' Day, the community speculated that part or all of the new features were fake.

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