1.09.4:Special Stage 3

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MAP52, Special Stage 3, is the third Special Stage in Sonic Robo Blast 2 v1.09.4. The player needs to collect 200 out of 283 rings in 120 seconds to get the Pink Chaos Emerald.


Again, start out around the edges and get those rings. Jump over the red muck (you lose 10 rings per contact with it) and collect the rings in the inner ring of the stage. Spindash under the bridge, and collect all the rings. Jump on the nearest green platform with the rings on it and collect them. After you collect them, jump across the muck and collect those rings. After those rings are collected, jump on the bridge and collect all those rings. After that, jump on to the green platform on the opposite side of the bridge from the first set; collect the rings on both platforms. After that is finished, leap up to the next altitude on the bridge; collect those rings; and collect the rings atop the towers on each side of the catwalk. Make your way to the other side and collect those rings. If you followed this correctly and didn't screw up, you should have yourself the third Chaos Emerald.

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