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MAP54, Special Stage 5, is the fifth Special Stage in Sonic Robo Blast 2 v1.09.4. The player needs to collect 400 out of 725 rings in 210 seconds to get the Red Chaos Emerald.


Hoo boy. No more muck to worry about, now there is water, which increases the speed of the timer. Collect the rings arranged above the fans, and don't forget the rings at each corner of the room. Make your way to the top of the green platform in the middle and collect those rings. Then head into a door with a green wall, collect these rings and get out of there fast, because you are still on a timer. After you make it out, go to the door on the opposite side and do it again. You should then exit and head to a door on one of the sides you haven't visited. Collect those rings and keep going. On the other side, a similar arrangement exists so just keep going. If you have gotten every ring like I told you to, you should have the fifth Chaos Emerald!

As Sonic, it's recommended not to go into the two rooms with green pillars leading up to collections of 25 rings – attempting to reach the collection of rings might land you in the water; therefore, it's not worth it.

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