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MAP96: Frost Columns Zone



MAP96, Frost Columns Zone, is the seventh Match level in Sonic Robo Blast 2 v2.0. It is set in an ice-themed environment, featuring slippery ice segments, buildings made out of ice blocks and an outside area with dense snow layers. The stage was entered into the November/December 2009 OLDC, in which it came in first with a score of 7.86. It was added to the Match rotation in v2.0.5. The name is a reference to Cirno's spell card "Frost Columns" from Touhou Youyoumu ~ Perfect Cherry Blossom. Cirno's wings are also engraved in the ground just below the location of the Explosion Ring Panel.


Frost Columns Zone's layout.
  • A – Cirno room: This is the largest cave of the map and is named as such because of Cirno's wings which are engraved in the ice. The lower floor of the room consists of slippery ice and connects both to the Automatic Ring hallway and the Rail Ring room. A higher ledge which can be only reached from the long hallway leads to the upper ice cave.
  • B – Automatic Ring hallway: This room is mostly a hallway connecting the Cirno room to the building frontyard. It makes a turn at its end which contains the Automatic Ring panel.
  • C – Building frontyard: This cave is situated in front of the ice building, being connected to the Automatic Ring hallway to the west. The building can be entered to the east, and the outside area can be reached via an entrance to the north. In the west of the room, a small bridge can be reached which contains some items.
  • D – Building area: This ice building consists of two rooms connected by a long hallway. The southern room is the bigger one and exits to the building frontyard. Via some springs, it leads up to the second floor, where a hallway stretches to the northern room. The hallway contains windows leading to the outside area, while the northern room drops down to the Rail Ring room.
  • E – Rail Ring room: A round room which connects several other areas as well as containing the Rail Ring Panel. A rather long narrow tunnel leads to the outside area, while another tunnel connects it to the Cirno room. Via some steps, the long hallway can be reached from below.
  • F – Long hallway: Reachable only via the Rail Ring room, this hallway contains a lot of powerful items. In the middle, players can drop down into the corridor connecting the Cirno room to the Rail Ring room. At the other end of the corridor, it connects to the upper area of the Cirno room, which allows entrance to the upper ice cave.
  • G – Upper ice cave: This cave contains the SRM, and can be only reached via the upper level of the Cirno room. It contains an exit to an upper part of the outside area, which cannot be reached from outside. It is also possible to drop down into the corridor connecting the Cirno room to the Rail Ring room.
  • H – Outside area: The only outdoor room of the map, this area is covered by dense snow. On the lowest area, it is connected by two tunnels to the Rail Ring room and the building frontyard. Climbing up some steps allows players to enter the hallway of the building area through some windows.

Points of interest

Weapon rings

  • The Bounce Ring Panel is located in the middle of the outside area.
  • The Rail Ring Panel can be found in the center of the Rail Ring room, hence the name.
  • The Automatic Ring Panel, hence the name, can be found at the end of the Automatic Ring hallway.
  • The Explosion Ring Panel is located in the corner of the Cirno room, between the engraved wings.
  • The Scatter Ring Panel is located on the upper floor of the southern room of the building area.
  • The Grenade Ring Panel can be found by dropping down to the hallway connecting the Cirno room with the Rail Ring room, either from the long hallway or the upper ice cave.


  • The SRM can be found in the entrance of the upper ice cave, in the corner of a wall.
  • A WRM can be found at the end of the long hallway, as the middlemost of the three Super Ring Monitors.
  • Another WRM can be found by going on top of the bridge in the building frontyard, and then jumping to the ledge beside it.
  • Just next to the building windows in the outside area, a WRM is located.

Tails/Knuckles areas

  • There's a high ledge in the Cirno room (A) with two ring monitors and a Scatter Ring pickup on it.
  • There's a hole in the ceiling of the Automatic Ring hallway (B). A large cloud of rings and a Grenade Ring pickup float inside it.
  • In the building frontyard (C) there are two alcoves: one with an Elemental Shield and a Rail Ring pickup, and the other with two ring monitors and a Bounce Ring pickup.
  • There's a rather complex tunnel system going through the southern part of the building area (D), which can be accessed from the outside area (H) and by flying through holes in the ceiling of the building rooms. Knuckles can't enter it, but Tails players can find 32 single rings, three Super Ring Monitors, one of every type of ammo aside from Rail and a Super Sneakers Monitor.
  • In the Rail Ring room (E), there's another hole in the ceiling, containing a small group of rings and a Grenade Ring pickup.
  • There's a high cliff in the outside area (H) with two ring monitors and an Automatic Ring pickup.

Technical data