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MAP92: Tidal Palace Zone



MAP92, Tidal Palace Zone, is the third Match level in Sonic Robo Blast 2 v2.0. It takes place in a cavernous and partially overgrown palace filled with water that rises and falls every 45 seconds. This forces players to grab air at least once every time the water is up to survive. Because it is such a large and complex stage and because drowning (and its 50 point penalty) is a constant danger, this is a particularly slow-scoring map unless there are a lot of players.


Tidal Palace Zone's layout.
  • A – Central temple area: This area is located in the center of the map, and it consists of two hallways with two floors each, and a central room between them with a spiraling staircase. Said staircase has an exit to the Explosion Ring room on the uppermost floor. The western hallway contains one each exit on each floor to the northwestern cave room and the large cave room, while the eastern hallway is connected on both levels to the bridge room. The top of the staircase is one of two sections in this level that the water doesn't reach to.
  • B – Northwestern cave room: There isn't anything noteworthy in this room, aside from a couple of rings. This room has an exit to the Explosion Ring room and one to each level of the western hallway in the central temple area.
  • C – Explosion Ring room: This room mainly contains the Explosion Ring Panel, and can be reached from the northwestern cave room, or by dropping down from the second floor of the central temple area. As Sonic however, you cannot go back to the central temple area from here.
  • D – Large cave room: This is one of the main rooms in the stage, and consists of two height levels. The upper level in the northern part can be reached from the upper floor of the western hallway of the central temple area. The lower level is mainly to the south of the room, but is connected via two tunnels both to the lower floor of the western hallway, and the upper level of this room. To the east, it leads into the SRM room.
  • E – SRM room: A rather small room containing the SRM on a higher ledge, it lies between the large cave room and the bridge room.
  • F – Bridge room: The most interconnected area of this stage, this room is named after the bridge in the middle of it. The bridge itself can only be reached via the upper floor of the eastern hallway, as it drops down to the Scatter Ring room on the other side without a way back up. Aside from that, it connects to the Rail Ring room in the east, the seaweed room in the south, the SRM room in the west, and the lower floor eastern hallway in the north.
  • G – Rail Ring room: One of the smallest rooms, consisting of two floors, and being only connected to the bridge room, thus providing a dead end.
  • H – Seaweed room: This room is covered in seaweed, and only has one Super Ring Monitor. The only function of this room is to connect the bridge room and the lower floor of the Scatter Ring room.
  • I – Scatter Ring room: Consists of two floors, with the upper floor being reachable by crossing the bridge, and the lower floor being reachable by passing through the seaweed room. You can't however reach the upper floor from the lower one.

Points of interest

Weapon rings

  • The Bounce Ring Panel can be found in the upper part of the large cave room, close to the exit of the lower level.
  • The Rail Ring Panel is located in the thusly named Rail Ring room, on the upper platform.
  • The Automatic Ring Panel can be found in the lower part of the large cave room, close to the WRM.
  • The Explosion Ring Panel is in the Explosion Ring room, hence the name.
  • The Scatter Ring Panel can be found in the Scatter Ring room, hence the name. It can only be reached from the bridge room though.
  • The Grenade Ring Panel is found in the bridge room, on a set of two ledges next to the SRM room entrance.


  • The SRM is located in the SRM room, hence the name, and must be reached with some platforming.
  • A WRM is located on top of the staircase in the central temple area, opposite the exit to the Explosion Ring room.
  • Another WRM is located in the lower level of the large cave room, between two ring monitors and two Automatic ammo pickups.

Tails/Knuckles areas

  • In the staircase room (A), there are a lot of rings floating near the ceiling, with an Automatic and a Bounce Ring pickup. There's also a high platform with two ring monitors and a Rail Ring pickup on it.
  • There are two spots where holes in the ceiling of the large cave room (D) lead to secret rooms. One contains a Grenade Ring pickup, while the other has an Attraction Shield. There's also a tiny ledge with a few rings and a Super Sneakers Monitor in the northwestern part of the room, which is also accessible as Sonic with a Whirlwind Shield.
  • At the northwestern part of the bridge in the bridge room (F), there's a slightly obscured hole in the ceiling. Two ring monitors and a Super Sneakers Monitor are located there.

Technical data