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MAP51, Special Stage 2, is the second Special Stage in SRB2 v2.0. The player needs to collect 200 out of 335 rings in 160 seconds to get the Orange Chaos Emerald.


You start on a green floor with rings in front of you. Grab those and turn around to collect another bunch of rings below you. Then run along the outer rim of the stage, stopping at the four edges to collect the rings on the green platforms. Now go down to the lower levels of the stage to collect the missing rings. There is also a tower in the middle of the stage. Fly or climb up there if possible, as there is a huge stash of rings. As Sonic, you must jump on one of the green pillars and from there to the yellow springs. Be careful not to fall into the water, which drains your timer. If in the water, get out as quick as you can.

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