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MAP56, Special Stage 7, is the seventh and last Special Stage in SRB2 v2.0. The player needs to collect 100 out of 120 rings in 90 seconds to get the Gray Chaos Emerald. This stage is considered to be extraordinarily difficult, due to the harsh time and ring restrictions and the constant danger of being crushed or falling out of the stage.


There are two segments in this level, an inside room with moving platforms that threaten to crush you against the ceiling, and an outer ring with very narrow platforms over a death pit. You don't have to collect all the rings, so you can choose to do more of one segment than of the other.

In the inside room, you must jump from platform to platform over an abyss, timing your jumps just right to avoid being crushed. The platform in the middle of the room is spaced apart farther than the other platforms, making for a difficult jump to reach it for everyone but Tails. However, there is a shortcut that can be taken to skip it. Instead of going for the middle platform, wait on one of the two platforms adjacent to it until it sinks all the way down. At that moment, face the green overhang on your right and jump straight through it – Sonic needs to use a very well timed thok to make it through (and not hit the solid part of the overhang), while Tails and Knuckles can just fly through. If done right, you should land at the opposite exit of the room.

In the outer segment, you must jump and thok onto a crumbling platform, then quickly to the next ledge. You are now between two pillars which both contain rings on top of them and inside them. First collect the lower rings on one of them, then use the crumbling platform to get on top of both, and then jump down to the other one. Now, collect the rings on the remaining crumbling platform and do the same on the other side of the room.

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