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MAP54, Special Stage 5, is the fifth Special Stage in SRB2 v2.0. The player needs to collect 200 out of 251 rings in 150 seconds to get the Red Chaos Emerald.


First, pick up the rings on the ground. Then go onto the FOF bridges that surround the level and get the rings that are placed there. Once you've gotten all the rings that are not in the water or on the platforms, climb up to the top and start jumping across the red platforms to drop them. The best method is to jump from one side to another, touching all five platforms in a straight path. Then, when all five platforms are at water level, you can collect the floating rings above them. If those rings shouldn't be enough, do the same with the platforms that are still up.

In Co-op, don't stand in the water under a falling platform, or you will get crushed, causing the stage to be failed.

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