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A_MinusCheck is an action which is used to reset the Minus to its digging animation (SeeState) when it hits the floor. The flags MF_SPECIAL and MF_SHOOTABLE are then removed to prevent the player from harming the actor until they are restored by A_MinusPopup, and the actor's reaction time is set to 35 (for A_MinusDigging this will delay the actor's movement for a second). If the actor has not reached the floor yet, this action checks if the Object is falling and if its current state has an ID number less than that of the MeleeState, and if so, the actor goes to its MeleeState.

Object property Use
SeeState Returns to this state when Object hits floor
MeleeState Falling animation (Object goes to this state if falling, and if current state ID number < MeleeState ID number)

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