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A_SharpSpin is an action which is used as the thinker for the Sharp's spin attack. The actor will continuously spin anti-clockwise (requires the action to be called over multiple states for this to work), while chasing towards the target (Speed sets the actor's speed). Each time this action is used, the actor's threshold is reduced by 1. When the actor's threshold reaches 0, or the actor doesn't have a target, the actor will go to its SpawnState, setting it to use A_Look (with Var1 = 1). ReactionTime sets the actor's reaction time for when it goes back to SpawnState. If the actor is dead, the actor goes to its DeathState. Note that if you want to set an Object's threshold value, you will need a Lua script, since the threshold value cannot be modified via SOC.

Object property Use
SpawnState Goes to this state when threshold = 0
DeathState Goes to this state if the actor is dead
ReactionTime Sets the actor's reaction time for when it goes back to SpawnState
Speed Speed

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