Bustable Block Sprite Parameter

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Player breaking a bustable block with a non-default debris sprite.

Sector types 1792–3840, Bustable Block Sprite Parameter, are sector types which are used in conjunction with bustable blocks to determine the sprite of the falling debris that is generated when destroying the block. This special should be given to the control sector of the bustable block.

The number of the sector type determines the sprite prefix that is used for the debris. There are 9 different sector types to choose from, each using a different debris sprite. ROIG, ROIH and ROII are empty slots which can be filled with custom sprites. If this special is not used, the sprite defaults to ROIA. The following table lists the available sprites:

Sector type Sector group 3 effect Sprite prefix Debris sprite Description
1792 7 ROIA
Normal debris
2048 8 ROIB
MMB7 rocks
2304 9 ROIC
MMB3 rocks
2560 10 ROID
MMB2 rocks
2816 11 ROIE
MMB6 rocks
3072 12 ROIF
MMB5 rocks
3328 13 ROIG None Blank slot
3584 14 ROIH None Blank slot
3840 15 ROII None Blank slot


Example WAD: ex_st01792_bustableblockspriteparameter.wad

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