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An example of a camera scanner effect.

Linedef type 5, Camera Scanner, is a type of linedef special which modifies the camera position while the player is in any tagged sector. The position of the camera is reset when the player steps outside the sector. In 2D mode, only the height of the camera may be modified; the camera distance and angle will stay unchanged.


The floor height of the control sector determines the camera height. The ceiling height of the control sector determines the camera distance. Both are measured in fracunits. The direction of the controlling linedef determines which way the camera will be facing. For example, if the linedef faces west, the camera will also look west.

If used excessively, this effect can be annoying, so it should be used very sparingly, especially during sequences in which the player is required to move. Thus, this effect is best used for cutscene-like events in which the player doesn't move themselves.


Example WAD: ex_ld005_camerascanner.wad

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