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Linedef type 533, Scroll Ceiling Texture and Carry Objects, is a type of linedef special which scrolls every tagged sector's ceiling flat and carries Objects on the same ceilings.


The length of the linedef controls the speed of the scrolling/carrying (32 fracunits of length equal one fracunit per tic). The direction of the linedef controls the direction in which the flat will scroll and the ceiling will carry Objects. The target sector must have the Conveyor Belt sector type applied to it, otherwise the carrying doesn't function properly.

If the Not Climbable flag is checked, the control linedef connects the target sector to any target sectors touching it with the same tag, rather than pushing faster over sector borders. This flag should be checked when using the linedef special in conjunction with linedef type 64, otherwise the player will not stand still on the "moving sector".


Example WAD: ex_ld533_scrollceilingtextureandcarryobjects.wad
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Wall scrolling:

Scroll Wall Front Side LeftScroll Wall Front Side RightScroll Wall According to LinedefScroll Wall According to Linedef (Accelerative)Scroll Wall According to Linedef (Displacement)Scroll Texture by Front Side OffsetsScroll Texture by Back Side Offsets

Plane scrolling:

Scroll Floor TextureScroll Floor Texture (Accelerative)Scroll Floor Texture (Displacement)Scroll Ceiling TextureScroll Ceiling Texture (Accelerative)Scroll Ceiling Texture (Displacement)Carry Objects on FloorCarry Objects on Floor (Accelerative)Carry Objects on Floor (Displacement)Carry Objects on CeilingCarry Objects on Ceiling (Accelerative)Carry Objects on Ceiling (Displacement)Scroll Floor Texture and Carry ObjectsScroll Floor Texture and Carry Objects (Accelerative)Scroll Floor Texture and Carry Objects (Displacement)Scroll Ceiling Texture and Carry ObjectsScroll Ceiling Texture and Carry Objects (Accelerative)Scroll Ceiling Texture and Carry Objects (Displacement)