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Linedef type 543, Downwards Wind, is a type of linedef special which creates a downdraft inside every tagged sector. If players come into contact with the wind, they will be pushed downwards.


The target sector must have either the Wind/Current or the Ice/Sludge and Wind/Current sector effect for this special to work. The speed of the wind is determined by the length of the control linedef.

If the Solid Midtexture flag is checked, the wind will switch to sliding mode, in which players will be forced into their pain sprites and cannot accelerate or decelerate. If the Not Climbable flag is checked, the pushing effect is made exclusive – once an Object has been pushed by this effect, it cannot be pushed by any other pushing or carrying effect in the same tic. This is useful if the effect is applied to multiple adjacent sectors, since it would normally be applied twice when an Object crosses the border between two sectors with the effect.


Example WAD: ex_ld543_downwardswind.wad
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