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Linedef type 547, Push/Pull, is a type of linedef special which creates either a gravitational push or pull within a specified sector. Nearby players will be affected.


This special requires three elements to function correctly: a control linedef, a target sector, as well as a Thing that determines the effect of this special. Tag a linedef on a control sector with Linedef Type 547 to a target sector with the Wind/Current sector special. Inside the target sector, preferably in the center, place either a Push Point or a Pull Point. To create multiple point pushers/pullers, the Things need to be in different target sectors, but the target sectors can share the same tag. Remember that all of the target sectors require the Wind/Current special.

The Thing determines whether the special actually pushes or pulls, as well as the actual point of force. The Angle of the Thing determines the radius of the effect (maximum is 359), while the control linedef's length determines the general pushing/pulling strength.


Sample 1

Example WAD: ex_ld547_push.wad

Sample 2

Example WAD: ex_ld547_pull.wad
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