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RedXVI was a character in previous versions of SRB2, where he was associated with major secrets. The sprite and name come from an old member of the Sonic fangame community, RedXVI, who made the games Madventure and Thirdscape, as well as almost all of Mystic Realm's soundtrack. His character sprite was originally placed in SRB2 as a Madventure plug, but later started to be used for other secrets in the game. He was removed from the game in v2.1.


Version 1.09.4

Red Volcano Zone

To unlock RVZ1, first you must complete the game 3 times. It doesn't matter how the game is completed, but the game must not be modified. Then reach the house on top of the plateau in Greenflower Zone Act 1, where Sonic's emblem is. Jump on the house three times, and he will appear in front of his door with a sarcastic quip. Touch him. He'll say a message, kill you; and you will be warped to a beta of Red Volcano Zone Act 1. When you complete RVZ1, you will be sent back to Greenflower Zone Act 1, and you may complete it normally.

How to get to Red Volcano Zone in a netgame

First, the host must have unlocked Red Volcano Zone. Next the host waits in Greenflower Zone Act 1 for a decent amount of people, then set Maxplayers to the amount of people, so no one else can join, because if someone joins while playing in the stage, the game crashes. It is a good idea to tell the other players to tell you when they are about to leave the server so you can change the Maxplayers. Then, the host activates the RedXVI secret normally. If someone leaves the game, Maxplayers must be set accordingly, or else someone can join the game, and subsequently cause the game to crash. At the beginning of Red Volcano Zone, everyone should jump on the platform at the same time, so no one gets stuck behind the lava. If someone does get stuck, warp to GFZ1 and repeat the steps above.

Chaos Emerald 8 (Black Chaos Emerald)

To collect the extra emerald, first you must have collected all seven emeralds at least once, and completed the Ultimate skill level (unlocked by completing Very Hard). To get the emerald, first you must reach a house in the upper area of Greenflower Zone Act 2. There are several ways to get up there. More experienced players would use Sonic to propel themselves across the spring in the first pool of water, with the speed shoes activated, creating a thrust strong enough (with the added height of the spring) to land them right on the platform with RedXVI's second home. Other players may use the spring to propel themselves to where Knuckles's emblem is located, and use the floating platforms to arrive at the top. Then they must travel to the very edge of the area (located near the row of springs leading to the small room with the water) and they cannot fall into any lower levels of the area, because the unit of the walls are too high for Sonic to jump over. You must then touch the door, to find a note on Red's door. After reading the note, go back to the beginning of the map, and locate the spring, and go on the bottom layer of where Knuckles's emblem is located. You will see RedXVI having a picnic. Invade his privacy, and he will reward you with the Black Emerald to go away. Then, just complete the level normally. The emerald will allow you to become Hyper Sonic, a more powerful form of Super Sonic letting you release a blast of energy every time you thok, destroying any enemies around you. Your speed would be like Super Sonic, but with speed shoes on.

God cheats

To unlock the god cheats, including the Ultimate Cheat and many other cheats that allow you to change game variables, you must have already collected the eighth emerald. First, get to Castle Eggman Zone Act 2 and activate all buttons, but do not complete the level. It would help if you were Super Sonic, as he can jump into the pool without any lift or platform. As soon as you touch the pool, the secret will be activated, but it is not over yet. It is recommended that you go into the pool and get the Armageddon Shield. To enter the pool, locate the side without a gargoyle, and you will drop into a hole. Continue within the hole until you reach a room, and locate an even smaller hole in the corner of the room, and it will drop you yet again, into another underwater corridor, and there you will see the Armageddon Shield. If you continue along the path, you will reach a spring that takes you to Sonic's last emblem, which you may take if you haven't got it already. Now, go back to where you were, without losing the shield, and race to the end without using the shield either. Instead of seeing an end sign, you will see RedXVI, extremely unhappy, and ready to punish you for it. You will then be transported to a room, without rings, and if you were super, you will not be anymore, and have a huge wave of Crawla Commanders hit you at the same time. This is where the shield comes in handy. Transporting to the room does not remove your shield. They will hit you, because you are often not ready for the attack, and the reaction of them hitting you is a blast from your shield. Your shield is gone now, and the Commanders damaged as a result, so defeat them. Make your way out of the room, and out of the pool, and you will arrive atop the pool, and have unlocked the God Menu. Make sure to complete the game to save the fact that you have unlocked the cheat codes.

Version 2.0

RedXVI can be found in a library room in a spinning corridor, in Castle Eggman Zone Act 2, but he won't appear unless the player has all seven Chaos Emeralds. If you have them all and walk up to him, he apologizes for his nasty behavior in Version 1.09.4, and states that, instead of sending people to Hell, he now sends them to Heaven. The player is then warped to Neo Aerial Garden Zone, which is in fact all four Acts of Aerial Garden Zone merged into one single level.

If you have already unlocked Neo Aerial Garden Zone in the "Secrets" section, you will not be warped to NAGZ. Instead, you will recieve 9999 rings and the words "I, Pope Rededict XVI proclaim AJ & Amy Husband & Wife on this day May 16, 2009" will appear on the screen.

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