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RedXVI is a character in SRB2, commonly associated with major secrets. The sprite and name actually come from an old member of the Sonic fangame community, RedXVI, who made Madventure and Thirdscape, as well as almost all of Mystic Realm's soundtrack. His character sprite was originally placed in SRB2 as a Madventure plug, but later started to be used for other secrets in the game.

Secrets Involving RedXVI

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Neo Aerial Garden Zone

RedXVI can be found in a library room in a spinning corridor, in Castle Eggman Zone Act 2, but he won't appear unless the player has all seven Chaos Emeralds. If you have them all and walk up to him, he apologizes for his nasty behavior in Version 1.09.4, and states that, instead of sending people to Hell, he now sends them to Heaven. The player is then warped to Neo Aerial Garden Zone, which is in fact all four Acts of Aerial Garden Zone merged into one single level.

If you have already unlocked Neo Aerial Garden Zone in the "Secrets" section, you will not be warped to NAGZ. Instead, you will recieve 9999 rings and the words "I, Pope Rededict XVI proclaim AJ & Amy Husband & Wife on this day May 16, 2009" will appear on the screen.

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