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Thing types 600–603 are rows of rings that are automatically positioned and aligned to be placed on top of springs, so that a player bouncing off the spring will be propelled into the rings and collect them. There are four different types of rows: Thing type 600 is a row of five vertical rings for a yellow spring. Thing type 601 is a row of five vertical rings for a red spring. Thing type 602 is a row of five diagonal rings for a diagonal yellow spring. Finally, Thing type 603 is a row of ten diagonal rings for a diagonal red spring.

A row of rings should be placed directly on top of the spring it is used with and must have the same Z position as the spring. Since rings within an automatically handled row do not respawn, these Thing types should only be used in Single Player, Coop and Race maps. In combative gametypes such as Match and Capture the Flag, the rings should be placed manually.

Thing type Number of rings Spring
600 5 Vertical yellow spring
601 5 Vertical red spring
602 5 Diagonal yellow spring
603 10 Diagonal red spring

  Thing types – Special placement patterns [view]
Rows of ringsCircles of rings and blue spheres